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Expanding Pencil

An Expanding pencil ad has two sizes, an initial collapsed size located on the top of the page and an expanded size. The smaller collapsed size fits within thin ad unit on the website, while the larger size appears to expand outside the collapsed size. This ad unit will respond to the device size.

Pixel Dimensions

  • 1200x100 (collapsed)
  • 1200x400 (expanded)
  • 970x100   (collapsed)
  • 970x400   (expanded)
  • 728x100   (collapsed)
  • 728x400   (expanded)
  • 550x50     (collapsed)
  • 550x280   (expanded)


  • User-initiated expansion will occur on click and may remain open without auto-collapse.
  • The collapsed state may have up to 20 seconds of animation with no more than three loops within that limit. No limit for user-expanded states.


  • User-initiated video must utilize a polite download and must not exceed 5MB.
  • Video files must include "Play", "Pause", and "Mute" functions at minimum.
  • Audio must be user-initiated only on click.
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