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April 2009

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Round Two: $50 Fashion Challenge

Three shopping experts—including Minnesota Monthly's Elizabeth Dehn—put together an entire formal wear look for only $50. Will Elizabeth win this Twin Cities Live competition again? Watch now!

The Italian Job

In a time of austerity, where can you go to indulge in la dolce vita?

Behind the Scenes: MNMO Photo Shoot

Minnesota Monthly's Elizabeth Dehn visits the Twin Cities Live studio to share beauty secrets and behind-the-scenes footage from MNMO's February photo shoot.

$50 Fashion Challenge

Twin Cities Live invited three local fashionistas, including Minnesota Monthly's Elizabeth Dehn, to compete head-to-head in a fashion challenge! The task: put together a complete look for under $50.

Introducing Dan Aykroyd Wines

April 2009 Listed

2009 Luminary Loppet; Chuck and Don's Skijoring Loppet; Go Red For Women Casting Call at the Mall of America; and a Go Red Rally at the Capitol.

April 2009 Party Pics

On behalf of Children's Heartlink, local celebrities served tiramisu at Lunds and Byerly's to raise awareness of children's heart disease and the Twin Cities Go Red For Women Annual Lunch & Learn raised money for heart-disease research.

Midwest Vacation Guide 2009

In these stressful economic times, vacation is a necessity, not a luxury. You deserve some time away from deadlines, email requests, projects, to-do lists, and office gossip. You deserve a break from the daily grind; a chance to step away from the chaos. We provide you with the information you need to start planning the perfect Midwest getaway.

Dear Paul

Expert answers to your most dire questions

Cheeky Monkey

Is it a gastropub? A fine-dining spot? A takeout spot? Decide for yourself.

Pain Isn’t All In Your Head—But Some of It Is

Kevin Kling on the Marines, chronic pain, and laughter

The Agenda

Theater, concerts, exhibits & more—your best bets for April

Body Shaping

Endermology, or “body shaping,” is a noninvasive alternative to face-lifts, liposuction, and tummy tucks.

Best Places to Live... Even Now

From public safety to home sales, our first-ever guide to Twin Cities real estate spotlights cities and neighborhoods that are drawing buyers even in a slumped market.

The Last Sports Reporter

Sid Hartman is an icon, a crank, and the last of a dying breed. But if you think the legendary sports columnist is going to walk away from the job anytime soon, you don’t know Sid.

MNMO Recommends

Truvia Taste Challenge, How to be a Better Minnesotan, and more

April 2009 Style File

E-Style, Beauty Buzz & Retail

Sue Z. Says

Take time out for tea this spring.

The demand for Adult Education is on the rise

Lifelong learning is critical for personal growth, updating skills for the workplace, advancing a degree, and fulfilling a passion or interest. Find out why adults are returning to school in record numbers.

Lululemon Athletica

Walk in for yoga pants; walk out with a new lease on life.