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School Guide 2017-2018

Minnesota has long been considered one of the top states in which to get an education
August 21, 2017

Minnesota STEM Schools

Minnesota groups focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) for the next generation
August 08, 2017

Summer Camps & Enrichment Classes

A collection of summer camps & enrichment classes to boost self-confidence, help kids learn the importance of teamwork and collaboration, make new friends and have fun.
February 22, 2017

Play the Pianu

Matthew Curney's Pianu app makes it easy for anyone to learn to play piano virtually
February 01, 2017

College Prep 2016

We live in a competitive world, particularly when it comes to getting into college. By planning ahead, you can stand out in the admissions process.
December 23, 2015

Arete Academy's Leah Brzezinski is Changing Education

The Hopkins school caters to unusual, talented young students
August 31, 2015

School Guide 2015-2016

We highlight the schools that can unlock your child’s potential
August 27, 2015

Teacher of the Year: Amy Hewett-Olatunde

LEAP High School teacher changes how ESL students are perceived
August 19, 2015

2015 Student of the Year: Munira Khalif

The Mounds Park Academy grad swept the Ivy-League admissions
August 18, 2015

Is College Worth It?

With Minnesota student debt ranking 5th in the nation, graduates worry that the benefit of their degrees may come with too steep a price
August 11, 2015
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