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Minnesota Culture

Runestone Cowboy

Scott Wolter believes the Kensington Runestone is proof that medieval knights explored Minnesota before Columbus was even born. Could he be right?
July 21, 2015

Basilica Block Party review

The traditionally pop-heavy festival shifted to a more diverse lineup its second night, bringing a broader audience
July 14, 2015

5 Ways to Stay Safe in Tornado Season

Be prepared for summer storms
July 02, 2015

Local Summer Reading Recommendations

Local booksellers tell us what they’re excited to read this season
July 01, 2015

Hot Russian TV Star Odin Biron Moves Back to MN

Famous in Moscow, Duluth's Odin Biron starts a new chapter in Minnesota
June 30, 2015

5 Questions with Artist Kristi Abbott

Aussie artist makes a splash at the Edina Art Fair
June 04, 2015

Liquid Music: the 2015-16 Slate

This year's lineup for the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra's Liquid Music Series brings together artists from various genres across the Cities
June 03, 2015

I, Robot: A Northfield Novelist Goes Cyborg

What it's like to test-drive Google's self-driving car, the Google Glass, Samsung Gear S, Samsung Gear Fit, and the Soundhawk.
April 17, 2015

MN Wins Again, and We’ll Never Hear the End of It

The North Star State's latest honor poses a problem for the other 49.
March 17, 2015

Choosing Downtown Minneapolis’ New Building—None of the Above

A new building is going up in downtown Minneapolis—but University of Minnesota College of Art and Design Dean Tom Fisher questions if it’s the right real estate for the long term.
February 18, 2015