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August 2005

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The Vanishing

Rating MN Bed-And-Breakfasts

Minnesota Monthly editor Rachel Hutton discusses the magazine's review of the most engaging bed and breakfasts across the state with WCCO's John Reger.



When it opened five years ago, Erté complemented local institutional steak houses and supper clubs by serving classic night-on-the-town dinners in a space that felt retro and hip, without the presumptions of those new suburban throwbacks that think they can earn authenticity by hanging up a few vintage photographs.

Bed, Breakfast and Beyond

Once again this year we’ve done the thankless “work” of seeking out 10 of the area’s most remarkable retreats. Lawn games and lounging at a remote lakeside lodge? Certainly, sir. Country comforts and a place to saddle up? Yes, ma’am. Stretch your sea legs out on the quarterdeck? Aye, aye, captain. It’s time to gather up the binoculars and hiking boots—and that stack of magazines that’s been waiting all summer—and start planning your next escape.

The Arts

Arts and entertainment events for August 2005.

Dazed and Amused

Q & A with Author and War Correspondent Michael Phillips

When a Man Loves a Toilet

Can’t keep his mind on nothin’ else.