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August 2006

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Faces in the crowd at August events.

Ursula’s Wine Bar & Cafe

Gigi's Cafe

W. A. Frost

Willie’s Wine Bar & Coffee House

Fruitful Venture: At Willie’s Wine Bar & Coffee House, the ROI is full flavor and a nice buzz

The French Connection

The Minnesota sur Seine festival brings French and local jazz aficionados together in an ambitious, if unlikely, celebration.

Inspiration Point

How Red Wing’s Anderson Center became one of the country’s most respected residential arts facilities.

Wings of Change

A new exhibit at the Minnesota History Center explores the rich history,diverse output and changing role of Red Wing potteries.

Tree Hugger

Champion logroller Mandy Erdmann knows a thing or two about tipping points.

Jungle Fever

Interest in botanical art is growing faster than a hothouse orchid.

Summer Scares

A quick review of three hair-raising summer reads set in local environs.


Spice Trade: Namaste brings the flavors of south Asia to south Minneapolis

Yum! Kitchen & Bakery

Cold Comforts: Yum! Kitchen & Bakery serves up salads, soups, and sandwiches that beat the heat.

The Grass is Always Bluer

With fresh young bands like Pert’ Near Sandstone taking bluegrass to the kids, a new generation is turning on to twang.

Man-Room at the Inn

Hide the doilies—it’s a bed-and-breakfast that won’t put men to sleep.

E.P. at the B&B

Fair Thee Well

Birkenstocks, batik, berets—must be art fair season.

Daa and Matt Mahowald

Checkmates? The Twin Cities’ first couple of chess.

My Big Pony

Horsing around with the Twin City Polo Club.

Citizen Hong

Fear and loathing, murder and mayhem, exclusion and assimilation: one man’s American journey, set against the “tong wars” in 1920s Minneapolis.