Best Ice Cream Flavor Mash-Ups


Izzy's understands the flavor mash-up concept better than any local ice cream shop, encouraging synergystic combinations via its trademark bonus "Izzy" mini-scoop and "Dizzy Izzy" five-scoop sampler.

Norwegian Chai? Great. Salted Caramel? Even better. But mix the two and you achieve a higher plane of ice cream ambrosia, as the wintry spices and salt-spiked caramel play off one another. Call it what you will—Salted Nor-chai-mel—it's my new favorite local ice cream mash-up.

Izzy's Flavor-Up tool inspires a dizzying array of possiblities: Cream Cheese/Cotton Candy? Peace Coffee/Coconut/Cake Batter?

Taking the concept one step farther, I've been brainstorming other open-source ice cream dessert hacks. How about a float made with Crema's Cantaloupe Lime sorbet and Joia's Blackberry Pomegranate & Ginger? Or Sebastian Joe's Oreo sandwiched between two Rustica bittersweet cookies, then dipped in melted B.T. McElrath Salty Dog chocolate?

Suggestions welcomed!  

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