Local Beauty Guru to Shoot Video for American Express


Not all the details are clear yet, but Becky Sturm, proprietrix of one of the best beauty shops in the Twin Cities, Stormsister Spatique, has been contacted by American Express to “shoot a video.”

Immediately my mind went to the American Express commercial that aired a few months back with Tom Colicchio of Top Chef talking about his favorite small business, a fly-fishing outfitter in NYC. AmEx was calling for nominations to feature outstanding small businesses.

About three weeks ago, the merchant services division contacted Sturm to interview her about using AmEx in her store. And now, after some back-and-forth, she was notified that she’ll be flown to NYC on Friday—with some other people, presumably from other small businesses—to shoot this video. Details are vague. “It’s too surreal,” she told me by phone today.

Could it be that she’ll be featured on TV or online someday soon? Stay tuned.

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