3 Local Lingerie Locations to Bring Sexy Back


Photo courtesy of Flirt Boutique

Dear Mr. JT…even though it has been a few days since you graced our stage with your awesomeness, we are realizing the impact you left on thousands of (by now possibly frozen and preserved until Spring with our cold stretch) Minnesotans. Bring Sexy Back. Yes…we are going to bring sexy back

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What does that mean? Well, how many directions can I take that? Umm…a gazillion. Because, sexy can mean different things to each of us, right? Ultimately, in the end though, however your journey to get to that point… if you are feeling good, feeling confident, you like who you see in the Mirror, Sexy will be your middle name.

So, now it is time to have a little sexy fun. JT, Valentine’s Day, and plenty of opportunities for a cozy fire, or lazy Saturday morning when we just don’t want to get out from under the covers…Yes, I can feel another song coming on... now, this is the kind of “vortex” I think we can all look forward to!

It turns out that the top two most attractive looks for men and women happen to be the pretty simple; our own beautiful bodies, and wearing our guys shirt…and only our guys shirt. For us ladies, it turns out we love our guys as they are as well, and when our guys get dressed up it tends to make our heads turn. But, let’s say you are happy to have that already in your repertoire, and want to play around a bit.  The Twin Cities have three pretty special places to take wonderful care of you:

1. Nordstrom

Penelope Corset from Agent Provocateur

Penelope Corset from Agent Provocateur. Photo via nordstrom.com

Yes, I know it is a Seattle company, but we have the MOA, and together, they have been a partnership made in heaven for all of us here in the cities. They carry a sassy and beautifully tailored line called L’Agent by Agent Provocateur. To Die For!

One particular piece you must see is their Penelope Corset. You will be bringing the S-E-X-Y!

2. Flirt

Flirt Boutique

Photo courtesy of Flirt Boutique

Recently, I met an admirable woman on a job I was on, and in our chit chattings she shares that when it is gloomy outside, she wears special underpinnings that only she knows about, and it keeps her sparkle shining all day. Advice headed! Flirt was stop number one. From lounge wear to bras, they carry some of the prettiest lines from all over the world. It truly is in itself a thing of beauty. What piece to highlight? Hmmm, Well, that is for me to know and keep my own sparkle shining—when you go there for yours you may just leave with all kinds of treasures!

3. Allure

Three locations, intelligence, a hot fashion line, and the highest quality make Allure Intimate apparel a destination worth visiting again and again. Have you ever been perfectly fit for your intimate apparel? This is the place to go. Period. Remember ladies, it is important to feel beautiful in what you are wearing—but sexy is also feeling good in what you are wearing. 

Yes Minnesotans! We love JT, and we are embracing his message! Enjoy this weeks “vortex” and bring back your own kind of sexy!

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