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No Square Peg's Jena Forsberg, right

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For many women, going shopping offers a brief escape from everyday life. But for countless others, the act of shopping brings personal insecurities painfully to the surface.

Jena Forsberg, the Minnesota-based founder of e-commerce fashion site No Square Peg, understands those feelings of self-doubt all too well.

"I have this strong need to help women in terms of how they relate to fashion,” she says. “Growing up, I struggled with a lot of self-esteem issues. So I wanted a way not only to help other women but to help myself.”

Since quietly launching last June, the women’s apparel and accessories e-shop has showcased designers from NYC, L.A., and Australia spanning clothing, jewelry, and handbags. They include NYTT (pronounced “knit”), an L.A.-based designer specializing in U.S.-made knits; Australian lines The•Fifth, Keepsake, C/MEO (pronounced “cameo”) Collective, and Finders Keepers; and L.A.’s Endless Rose and English Factory. She also carries handbags by Danielle Nicole—priced at under $100, the runway-inspired collection is faux-leather but well-made, considering the price point.

Based on a motto of “break rules, barriers, and trends,” the shop’s aesthetic is simple, classic, and flattering to a wide range of body types. “I tend to find more inspiration in textures versus mixing prints or wearing a lot of color,” says Forsberg. “I want every woman to feel comfortable and chic in anything they find.”

No Square Peg just hit a major milestone recently, hitting more than 300,000 followers nationwide. Forsberg also spoke at the recent PoshMark’s annual PoshFest in San Francisco. PoshMark, a U.S.-based app on which women can buy and sell clothing, was instrumental to Forsberg decision to open her own e-shop, shortly after leaving a ten-year career in corporate healthcare sales. "I came to a point where I felt like a big part of me was missing,” she says of her time in corporate America. “Every day, a little piece of you, that creative side, fizzled out and died. I was like, 'Why can't I [open my own shop]?’” So she did.

This spring, Forsberg is adding a new all-leather handbag line out of Melbourne, as well as a more well-rounded assortment of jewelry and additional clothing lines. She is also planning to open a showroom for pop-ups, shoots, and by appointment in 2016.

For now, you can check out No Square Peg online, and at the occasional pop-up, such as tonight’s event—dubbed “Break Rules, Barriers, and Trends”—at dpHUE at 50th & France. Forsberg will be joined by local fashion illustrator Katie Ryan of Queenikathleeni Designs and lingerie brand Urban Undercover for the event. https://www.facebook.com/events/535701533246720/

"Break Rules, Barriers, and Trends" event: 6–9 p.m. Thu., Dec. 10, dpHUE, 4944 France Ave. S., Minneapolis, nosquarepeg.com

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