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December 2005

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Faces in the crowd at December events.

Talk to the Animals

On a farm just west of the Twin Cities, animals and counselors work together to build trust with troubled kids and help them recover from abuse, neglect, and violence. It’s part of a growing trend throughout the country to integrate horses, dogs, cats, sheep, chickens, pigs, and even reptiles into therapeutic practice.

The People's Wonk

Will Peter Hutchinson’s run for governor be the last hurrah for the Independence Party? Can a self-styled wonk deliver Minnesota politics from the purgatory of partisan gridlock? And what’s the deal with the canoe, anyway?

Dispatches from the Drifts

These days, as our intrepid throttle-thumber discovers, there’s a whole lot more to beelin’ than blue smoke and testosterone.

Maria’s Café

The breakfast menu at Maria’s Café features unusual flapjacks, such as their signature cachapas Venezolanas.

W. A. Frost

Frost’s is more than just a pretty face; its kitchen turns out as much substance as style.

The Arts

The Weisman’s Art Mob helps novice collectors get acquisitive. Plus: Prudence Johnson channels Edna St. Vincent Millay, Ang Lee shepherds Brokeback Mountain into the Walker, and more Best Bets for December.

Dog Blog

Minnesota Monthly editor Jeff Johnson puts on the dog in this month's column.

December 2005 Letters to the Editor

Preyed upon, smoked out, and seared.

It's a Wrap

Dispensing Scotch tape and seasonal factoids.

Connie Mobry-Bathke

Q&A with “dog whisperer” Connie Mobry-Bathke.

Chasing Tail

Looking for (virtual) puppy love in all the wrong places.