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February 2014

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A Place to Call Home

On February 8th, the Arc Greater Twin Cities hosted the A Place to Call Home gala.

A Guide to Senior Living

Talking to aging parents about moving is rarely an easy conversation, especially when your loved ones insist they are just fine in their current situation.

Home for Life's Fall Fancy Feast

Home for Life’s annual fall event supports animals with special needs

Changemaker's Ball

The American Refugee Committee celebrates its achievements

For Love or Money

We’ve gone beyond the numbers in our “Who Makes What” feature to offer a closer look at what various Minnesotans do to earn a living.

The Agenda

What you need to do, see, and hear in February

Unemployed Millennials: Don't Blame Helicopter Parents Just Yet

Don’t be too quick to judge those helicopter parents—research shows that the economic deck is stacked against the Millennial Generation

Why Tristan & Yseult is the Guthrie's Must-See Show of 2014

Kneehigh Theatre, of Brief Encounter fame, returns to break our hearts yet again.

Pharmacie Cures the Shopping Blues

Pharmacie is the cure for what ails you

5 Things: Man Dates

A Man Date happens when two men go out and engage in traditional date-like activities in a non-romantic capacity—just guys hanging out, maybe even talking. Sociologists say men have fewer friends than ever before—counter that trend by going on a Man Date that doesn’t involve repairing a carburetor.

Move Over Vicky's Secret: Lingerie Goes Local

Luxurious details make these unmentionables a hot topic

Handmade Valentine's Day Gifts from Etsy Artisans

This Valentine’s Day, fall in love with goods from local etsy.com artisans

Fab Floral

Get out of the long-stemmed-red-roses rut with floral arrangements in fresh combinations—and unexpected containers.

From the Heart

We’re all secretly longing for somebody to look us in the eye and say, ‘I see you. I get you. You’re awesome.

How They Met

These three creative couples share their lives—as well as their stages, kitchens, and newsrooms. Now they share their origin stories, too.

Nico's Taco

Can it break the real-estate curse?

Rabbit Hole

A trip to Wonderland buoys the Global Market

Essentials: Jamie Malone

5 things chef Jamie Malone of Sea Change can’t live without

Honey & Rye Bakehouse

The new St. Louis Park bread-and-pastry shop that popped up in a former dry-cleaner’s reflects both the rise of office casual and the daily procured loaf.

The Freehouse

True to its something-for-everyone ethos, the Blue Plate Restaurant company’s newest eatery, The Freehouse, paints a broad stroke, summed up by its slogan “breakfast to beer.”