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The August 2017 Issue

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Is MN the best? 

They have Sturgis and the Packers. We have MOA and Mayo. How does MN stack up against its neighbors?

Rochester 2.0 

The new Destination Medical Center is the state's most ambitious development project yet

50 Years of MN  

A look at some of the state's most historic moments, in honor of Minnesota Monthly's 50th anniversary


L'Etoile du Nord

​Learn how to log roll, Don Shelby's MN Memory, and advice on being a good cabin guest

Out & About

A murder mystery set in Edina, MST3K Live, the Guthrie's Holler Sessions, and ASI's crayfish party


Jason & Joy review Grand Cafe and Domacin, plus recipes and recommendations

True North

Wandering through Wabasha in search of eagles, toys, and the inspiration for Grumpy Old Men