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January 2007

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75 Things That Make Minnesota Great!

Managing editor Joel Hoekstra speaks with WCCO's John Reger about the things we love about Minnesota.

Il Vesco Vino

Il Vesco Vino, a new Italian restaurant, recently opened in downtown St. Paul.

January 2007 High School Student of the Month: Ashley Long

Hibbing High School's Ashley Long leads the way with a helping hand.

Dining Guide

From breakfast to dessert, we narrowed down the Twin Cities' myriad dining options.

Double Delight

Chef and Restaurateur Brenda Langton gives readers some food for thought.

On Stage

Theaters around town really know how to raise a curtain

January 2007 College Student of the Month: Anna Vaverko

World-traveler Anna Vaverko brings attention to St. Cloud State University and the world's 'nameless.'

January 2007 High School Athlete of the Month: Michael Fink

Hopkins High School hockey player Michael Fink begins his Varsity career in the best way possible.

January 2007 College Athlete of the Month: William Maupins

St. Scholastica's William Maupins makes school history in back-to-back performances.

Jim Erkel

How to spend $300 million a year? A local transportation expert has his own wish list.

Many Happy Returns

Banter & Buzz, The Agenda and State Pride

True Colors

A new exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota shows that race only matters because we say it does

January 2007 Letters to the Editor

Comments from readers on the last issue of Minnesota Monthly

Power Player

Verna Price believes everybody has the power to change the world—and themselves

Stand Out From the Crowd

Advice on how to navigate the HS and college admissions process

The Arts

Minnesota Monthly's recommendations for cultural diversion in Jan. 07


St. Paul dancer Jason Noer takes hip-hop from the streets to the ivory tower

Graphic Change

From graffiti to animation, Juxtaposition Arts gives kids tools for self-expression

Bridging Minds

A Children’s Theatre program teaches kids to rewrite the narrative of their own lives

Braced for Middle Age

Avoid the tummy tuck; skip the Botox. The real mid-life upgrade is braces.