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January 2008

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5 Questions: Well Above Average

Senior writer Tim Gihring speaks with assistant managing editor Courtney Lewis about country clubs, Maseratis, and how money has made its mark.


Take a look inside Heidi's, a new fine dining restaurant in south Minneapolis.

Education: Preparing for the Future

Whether it’s your education or your child’s, you want only the best. We provide a snapshot of some of the top secondary schools and colleges in the area to help you narrow the search.

Skating Home

Can Eliot Halverson make it to the Olympics—without leaving St. Paul?

My Not-So Big Fat Wedding

Battling the marriage industrial complex


Books and music reviews

The Agenda

Art, music, dance & more—your best bets for January

Puck Soup

Pond hockey, saving Minneapolis architectural icons, Ernie Nevers, trendy workouts, and more

Well Above Average

One man’s immodest, chest-pounding, vainglorious quest to find the ultimate Minnesota status symbol

River Lost

Along the St. Croix River, the talk is about Rob Hubbard's proposal to build a 10,000-square-foot house. But that fight is merely one battle in a larger war. Forty years after it was designated for protection, one of the state's most scenic rivers faces development pressures at every bend.

Who Makes What

Minnesota Monthly’s 2008 Salary Survey

January 2008 Letters to the Editor

Mail from the last issue of Minnesota Monthly.

5th Annual Uncommon Loon Awards

A look back at the loonatics of 2007

Object of Desire

A pen that makes a statement

Papered, Together

Love letters from the owners of Uptown’s Letterbox

Note to Self

This year, write more letters and send more thank yous. Your thoughtfulness will shine on these papers.

January 2008 Retail News

The latest products, store opening, beauty buzz and more


Barry Rubin's chic pens at Ink

Gut Check

I am Jeff’s gallbladder. Well, I used to be.

Food Fight

Is a famed Minnesota doctor to blame for America’s obesity epidemic?