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January 2014

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Finding the Perfect Match: What You Need to Know About College

Selecting a college can seem like a daunting task. Every application takes a considerable amount of time to complete, especially if you want to stand out in a sea of prospective applicants.

Seventh Heaven

New shops on West Seventh Street

Medical Profiles

The following health care professionals are recognized leaders in their respective field.

Google Docs

Looking for dire news on the internet is a health hazard—for doctors just like the rest of us.

Is Juice Worth the Squeeze?

A healthier alternative to juice-cleanse diets


Functional footwear doesn’t have to forgo fashion

Rochester Revisited

An influx of international visitors has made the southern metropolis a shopping and dining destination

The Agenda

What you need to do, see, and hear in January

The Hard Freeze

A local actress and writer describes living through nearly a decade of Minnesota winters on a houseboat—water shortages, endangered hull and all

Great Expectations

What 2014 may (or may not) bring

The Stories a Stadium Could Tell

First, a New Jersey court ruled that Vikings owners the Wilf family had defrauded business partners (with “bad faith and evil motive,” according to the judge in the case)

5 Ways to Use Google Glass

I applied to Google’s Glass Explorer Program and bought a beta version of its computer and communications device mounted in nonprescription eyeglasses; here’s how it’s changing Minnesota life.

Dizzy Heights

Maggie’s Brain mines memory and experience to deliver a captivating performance piece about mental illness


The Heart & Stroke Gala goes masquerade to support the American Heart Association

We Love Winter

Come frostbite or windchill, blizzard or sleet, Minnesotans know how to embrace the outdoors. So lay on the layers, dig out, and join the fun—our spicy soup and hot toddy recipes will help you warm up afterward.

2014 Insiders Guide

The ultimate resource to the area's favorite everythings

Modern Art

Katy Kelly Noun’s painting The Modern Café captures the mood of one of our favorite Northeast Minneapolis eateries

Robb Jones' Mango Masala Situation Recipe

Try this delicious cocktail from WSK's barkeep Robb Jones

Stepping Out

OutFront’s Annual Gala celebrates LGBT champions

Work of Art

The Minneapolis Institute of Art’s museum shop gets a boutique-style revamp