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Jordana Green's Journal

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Lend Your Energy

WCCO's Jordana Green takes a lesson from Dr. Allan J. Hamilton, writer of "Lead with Your Heart: Lessons From a Life With Horses"

Yoga Should be America's Pastime

WCCO's Jordana Green finds peace amid the negativity of the election

Open the Bottle

WCCO's Jordana Green honors a friend who was full of life

Never Perfect

When something goes wrong, WCCO's Jordana Green has learned to laugh it off

The Bat Mitzvah

WCCO's Jordana Green shares the speech she gave for her daughter's big celebration

A Flowering Finale

Jordana Green and her family wrap up work outdoors during week eight of their home renovation series.

A Unique Upstairs

Designing the second floor becomes a family affair during week seven of Jordana Green’s home renovation series.

The Dream Downstairs

WCCO's Jordana Green creates a first floor that suits her family's needs during week six of her home renovation series

Something's Cooking

WCCO’s Jordana Green incorporates style and functionality in her family's kosher kitchen during week five of her home renovation video series

Windows of Opportunity

WCCO’s Jordana Green focuses her energy on exteriors in week four of her video series

The Power of Compromise

WCCO's Jordana Green learns her children are not happy with the family's new home during week three of her video series

Problems from the Bottom Up

WCCO's Jordana Green runs into trouble early into her home renovation during week two of her video series

A Rambler to Renovate

WCCO's Jordana Green shares the plans for her family's biggest project yet during week one of her video series

Some Assembly Required

WCCO'S Jordana Green was determined to assemble a basketball hoop for her son and finds it's more complicated than expected

Fashion Forward: Lessons from the Dressing Room

WCCO's Jordana Green goes shopping with her 12-year-old daughter and isn't excited about her fashion choices

The Birds and the Bees

WCCO's Jordana Green has the awkward talk with her son in a very 21st century way

It Could Happen to You

WCCO's Jordana Green shares a story about getting scammed

Happy Single Mother's Day

WCCO's Jordana Green learned to embrace change and new traditions when she became a single mother

96 Years Old and Still Sparkly

WCCO's Jordana Green accepts a special gift from her grandmother


WCCO's Jordana Green expresses gratitude for the freedom to share her faith

An Ollie of Faith

WCCO’s Jordana Green struggles with learning how to snowboard. Were the bruises worth it?

It’s Not a Date

WCCO’s Jordana Green remembers young love and heartbreak

Let’s Go Orange!

WCCO’s Jordana Green reminisces about attending Syracuse University

Hidden Miracles

During the week of Purim, a Jewish holiday, WCCO's Jordana Green reflects on the power of miracles

Nobody’s Perfect

WCCO’s Jordana Green attends her daughter’s book club and is reminded of an important lesson
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