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Jordana Green's Journal

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Breaking Free This Passover

In light of the Hebraic exodus circa 3,500 years ago, WCCO's Jordana Green reflects on the small bids for freedom we make today.

The Magic of Keeping Your Mouth Shut

When tempted to interject, WCCO's Jordana Green embraces the pause.

International Women's Day

WCCO's Jordana Green learns about standing up for herself when faced with sexism

'Thank You' is a Complete Sentence

WCCO's Jordana Green on graciously receiving compliments

Float Away

WCCO's Jordana Green experiences her first float in a sensory deprivation tank, aimed to encourage relaxation and meditation

No Judgement Here, Really

WCCO's Jordana Green comments on the relief of being freed of judgement and self-doubt

Parenting Dilemma: The Phone

WCCO's Jordana Green upsets her teenager by confiscating her phone after 9 p.m.

Dear John Letter

WCCO's Jordana Green takes time to appreciate and thank a friend and mentor

The Other Talk

WCCO's Jordana Green answers questions from her children about anti-Semitism and hate

Luck or Talent?

WCCO's Jordana Green reflects on her lucky moments

How Much is Too Much?

WCCO's Jordana Green thanks the suffragettes on the 100th anniversary of the Women’s March on Washington

Time to Think

WCCO's Jordana Green changes up her tired New Year's resolutions

The Chair

WCCO's Jordana Green discovers a surprising way to relax at the airport

Impostor Syndrome

WCCO's Jordana Green explains what it takes to overcome self-doubt and fear

The Post-Thanksgiving Punch

WCCO's Jordana Green reflects on how to cope when the holidays that aren't so happy

It's a Miracle...Sort Of

WCCO's Jordana Green explains that everything, including the results of the election, happened for a reason

The Great American Equalizer

WCCO's Jordana Green feels the weight of election day

A Typical Family Function

WCCO's Jordana Green is entertained by her charismatic family during an out-of-town Bat Mitzvah

I am Not Ready for Some Football

WCCO's Jordana Green drops off her teenage daughter for the high school football game

Lend Your Energy

WCCO's Jordana Green takes a lesson from Dr. Allan J. Hamilton, writer of "Lead with Your Heart: Lessons From a Life With Horses"

Yoga Should be America's Pastime

WCCO's Jordana Green finds peace amid the negativity of the election

Open the Bottle

WCCO's Jordana Green honors a friend who was full of life

Never Perfect

When something goes wrong, WCCO's Jordana Green has learned to laugh it off

The Bat Mitzvah

WCCO's Jordana Green shares the speech she gave for her daughter's big celebration

A Flowering Finale

Jordana Green and her family wrap up work outdoors during week eight of their home renovation series.
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