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July 2006

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Minnesota Monthly's Favorite Eats

Minnesota Monthly editor Carol Ratelle Leach discusses Minnesota dining worth the drive with WCCO's John Reger.


Faces in the crowd at July events.

Hamlet of Horrors

Hinckley historians, as well as those who know the former logging center primarily as the home of Tobie’s, will be captivated by Daniel James Brown’s Under a Flaming Sky (Lyons Press, $22.95).

Theater, As You Like It

For some, Shakespeare seems less highfalutin in outdoor spaces.

Cabaret Cojones

Leslie Ball’s midnight cabaret celebrates 15 years of song, dance, and eccentricity.

Destination Dining

Off the beaten track but still top-flight, these far-flung restaurants go the distance.

Who Moved My Ease?

A mother asks whether June, July, and August have ever been laid-back.

La Swell Vie

La Swell Vie: After a move from Stillwater to Minneapolis, life is still good at one of the state’s best-loved restaurants.


Urban Renaissance: Margaux’s cozy neighborhood restaurant arrives slightly ahead of the neighborhood.

Willie's Wine Bar & Coffee House

Fruitful Venture: At Willie’s Wine Bar & Coffee House, the ROI is full flavor and a nice buzz.

Supper and Sondheim

After nearly four decades of success, Chanhassen Dinner Theatres—the country’s largest venue of its kind—is looking to expand. We feel a song coming on.

Lake Leach

Why buy the beachfront property when you can enjoy the view for free?

Hot Fun Yet?

Editor Jeff Johnson goofs off a bit for the common good.

July 2006 Letters to the Editor

Stadiums, swearing, and psychics in letters to the editor.

The Fest is Yet to Come

Small-town summertime fun? In Minnesota, you can count on it.

The Origin of Roadside Species

An ontological study of giant fiberglass lumberjacks and their ilk.

John Roth

Defender of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.