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June 2006

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Faces in the crowd at June events.

2006 Minnesota Antiques Dealers Association Directory

The 2006 Annual Directory is produced by Minnesota Monthly in partnership with the Minnesota Antiques Dealers Association.

June 2006 Letters to the Editor

Letters from readers regarding the latest issue of Minnesota Monthly.

Scrabble Rabble

Word to the wise: tune in to public access Tuesday nights to catch Minneapolis’s most popular game show.

Fully Booked

Minneapolis’s new landmark library is finally open. Check it out.

The God Squad

When a crime scene is hot, the St. Paul Police call in the clergy.

Unlocking Door County

They call it “Wisconsin’s Cape Cod”—But a trip to the tip of the famed peninsula finds peace and beauty still exist among the fish boils and gift shops.

The Other Guthrie

The state’s most celebrated theater opens its big, bold, and, well, blue new building this month. But much of the company’s work—from tours to camps to training tomorrow’s Oscar winners—has nothing to do with the plays you’ll see inside.

Rewrite Man

With the state’s largest newsroom and newspaper at his disposal, Star Tribune editor Anders Gyllenhaal has the power to make headlines. But his style—some would say solid, others stiff—has both inspired and irked staffers at 425 Portland. Can a banjo-playing ex-Swedenborgian turned ink-stained media executive re-energize the paper in an age of plummeting print readership? For the answer, turn to Horoscopes.

Town Talk

Chatterbox Café: A group of culinary hotshots puts the buzz back in the Town Talk.


Con Brio: At Bella, nothing gets lost in translation

Eichten’s Bistro and Market

Country Kitchen: Belgian beer, cheese, and kitsch make Eichten’s Bistro and Market worth a stop.

The Art of More

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts’ new leader believes the timing is right to rejuvenate the 123-year-old museum as a world-class exhibitor—and he has the fresh capital and gallery space to get the arty party started.

Best Bets

Hip happenings on the local art scene.

Daddy Works Blue

How to get an eff in parenting.

The Legazzi Code

Musings on the Da Vinci Code from the hard-boiled perspective of Jackie "Big Verb" Legazzi.