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May 2006

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Minnesota Monthly Dishes on Food

As Minnesota Monthly's annual food issue hits the stands, editor Carol Ratelle Leach and chef Emily Street of Emma's discuss featured recipes with WCCO's John Reger.


Faces in the crowd at May events.

Eating Minnesota

Out, omnivore. In, locavore—one who eats only foods that are locally made or grown. Here are a few of our Minnesota favorites, from Ames Farm honey to zucchini blossoms. And no, this time, S isn’t for Spam.

Feast of Friends

Many hands make light work of a menu of seasonal recipes.

Best Buds

Sharp-tongued, opinionated, and able to discern the proportions of sweetness, acidity, salt, and bitterness in a single bite of food, they’re the gifted tasters whose palates help create the flavors of our lives.

The Lessons of Chez Panisse

A Minnesota cook remembers her apprenticeship at one of America’s finest restaurants.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Looking for guidance on families, romance, and careers, some Twin Citians have turned to psychics and mediums in the hopes of getting counsel from beyond the grave. But do you really want to know what your departed mother thinks of your dating life or driving habits?

Roll with the Brunches

Mom-worthy pastries, apple cinnamon pancakes, cherry chicken sausage, and fresh fruit parfaits make their way to the plate at one big-league brunch and a number of bright, young new ones.

Peninsula Malaysian Cuisine

South Seas Tour: Peninsula showcases the complexity of Malaysian cooking.

Canyon Grille

Glass Half Full: Canyon Grille’s sophisticated wine list deserves a menu and service to match.

Arts Feature

Mischa Santora, associate conductor of the Minnesota Orchestra, is more than a backup tux. He’s a world-class maestro who, in almost any other city, would be a celebrity. In fact, he already is.

The Arts

Best bets for May 2006

State's Sprites

A comical dialogue with a personification of the state of Minnesota.

May 2006 Letters to the Editor

Comments from readers regarding the last issue of Minnesota Monthly.

Shall We Dance?

The cost of sending your kids to prom.

Nanci Olesen

Nanci Olesen, the MOMbo podcaster hopes for a peaceful mother’s day.

Dinner Date

A local cooking school helps singles heat things up.