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October 2006

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Minnesota's Pep Squad

The players aren't the only ones who sell the seats. These hometown entertainers work overtime to energize the crowd and keep fans on their feet.

High School Athlete of the Month

Minnesota Monthly's profile of the October 2006 high school athlete of the month.

College Student of the Month

Tyler Winkelman of the University of St. Thomas is the October 2006 college student of the month.

College Athlete of the Month

The University of Minnesota's Jenny Shaughnessy is the October 2006 college athlete of the month.

Academic All-Stars

No matter what their field of study, students attending Twin Cities colleges and universities are on the right course.

October 2006 Student of the Month

Katelin Mary Plautz of Forest Lake has finished in the top 40 of her class.

Jimmy's Food and Cocktails

Social Science: Lobster lasagna and pomegranate Cosmos combine to fuel a convivial mood at Jimmy’s Food and Cocktails.


What smart women do: vote, read, merge graciously, and dress for the occasion.

October 2006 Letters to the Editor

Comments from readers on the last issue of Minnesota Monthly

Odds and Ends

Fun fall activities recommended by Minnesota Monthly writers.

The Arts

Minnesota Monthly's recommendations for cultural diversion in October 2006.

A Scent of MN

What’s the point of air if you don’t know it’s there?

Gardasil Duty

Can a new vaccine prevent cervical cancer? Yes—and no.

The Man from Fortune Bay

Meet Tribal Chair Kevin Leecy, the pawlenty-poking, sovereignty-pushing ex-public-relations guru whose Bois Forte reservation may be a model for modern-day Indian life.

True North

Their Customs station is an unmanned shack the size of a port-a-potty. Their school is the last one-room in the state. And they once threatened to secede to Canada. Not even cell phones and satellite TV have changed the iconoclastic residents of Minnesota’s Northwest Angle.

Cue and Level Five

Dinner Theater: Lenny Russo directs the show at the Guthrie’s new restaurants, Cue and Level Five—and gives local ingredients their big break.

The Green Room

Remote Possibility: The Green Room in Waconia serves sophisticated dishes with a forthright friendliness

James Kakalios

Fusing science and superheroes for University of Minnesota freshmen.

Take a Stand

Mayo Clinic researchers believe ditching desks could lower the rates of childhood obesity.

A Mall at Midlife

The nation’s first fully enclosed shopping center celebrates a remarkable retail run.