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October 2014

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Medical Profiles

When it comes to your health and the health of your loved ones—you want only the best.

2014 Starkey Hearing Foundation’s Awards Gala

The annual Starkey Hearing Foundation’s So The World May Hear Awards Gala was held July 20 at the Saint Paul RiverCentre

2014 Best Minnesota Doctors

The results of Minnesota Monthly's 2014 Best Doctors survey are in

How is Medical Treatment for Pro Athletes and Business Execs Influencing the Rest of Us?

Money can’t buy love. But can it buy health? How treatment received by pro athletes and business execs is influencing mainstream healthcare.

Autumn Traveler

Say hello to fall celebrations, small-town adventures, and hillsides ablaze in color

Aging Wisely, Living Well

As we get older, time becomes more precious.

8 Things to Say to Sound Like a REAL Minnesota Sports Fan

Drop a few lines from this script to sound like a real fan

October 2014 Style Picks

Style editor Jahna Peloquin's style picks for October

Minnesota to Mekong: RedGreen Rivers

Learn how RedGreen Rivers is helping impoverished communities of the Mekong region of Southeast Asia


Broder’s expands its Italian empire on the corner of 50th and Penn

Sweetness #9 by Stephan Eirik Clark Review

A debut novel about an artificial sweetener avoids the saccharine and lands as touchingly real

Wanda Jackson Coming to The Dakota

Wanda Jackson comes to town to light things up at the Dakota Jazz Club

October 2014 Twin Cities Arts and Entertainment Picks

Senior editor Quinton Skinner picks the top arts and entertainment events for the month of October, 2014

Tiny Diner in Minneapolis

Diner food goes sustainable—and upscale—at Kim Bartmann’s new spot, Tiny Diner

Cook Like: Russell Klein of Brasserie Zentral

The Brasserie Zentral chef makes a no-sweat spaetzle

Chef Christina Nguyen of Hola Arepa's Essentials

Five things chef Christina Nguyen of Hola Arepa can’t live without

6Smith in Lake Minnetonka

Surf and turf for the “urban” suburban

Corner Table in Minneapolis

Kingfield gem reinvents itself again

Meet the Birdchick Who's Making Birding a Hot Hobby

Sharon Stiteler’s modern take on birding

Navy is Fall 2014's New Neutral

Navy, paired with touches of gold and luxurious textures is the perfect neutral to add to your home's color palette