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Minnesota Monthly's Top Doctors

We asked some 10,000 licensed Minnesota doctors one simple question: If you or a loved one needed medical care, which doctor would you recommend?

Their most frequent answers comprise Minnesota Monthly’s 2018 Top Doctors list: 935 physicians in 65 categories, nominated by their peers and recognized for their professional expertise.

This page features the 2018-2019 Top Doctors list, professionals nominated by their peers and recognized for their expertise.

Who Decides?

FAQs about Minnesota Monthly's Top Doctors Survey


Their peers. In March, Professional Research Services contacted more than 10,000 licensed doctors in the 11-county metro area, as well as Olmsted County, based on a list provided by the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice. Respondents were asked to log on to a secure website and name up to three doctors (other than themselves) in each specialty category. Physicians who received the highest number of votes are reflected by specialty in the Top Doctors list.


The American Board of Medical Specialties recognizes 24 member boards that grant certification in specialized areas of medical practices. Some of those member boards grant certification in specialties as well. Our staff used those specialties and subspecialties as a starting point for creating physician categories, though board certification was not a requirement for being named.


No. Doctors are not added to or removed from the list based on their or their employers’ advertising history with the magazine.

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Minnesota Monthly’s Top Doctors of 2018-2019

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