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These recipes can now be downloaded and printed, for easy insertion in your recipe box.
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Widow's Kiss Cocktails
Tropical Rum Tonic Cocktails
The Stinger Cocktails
The Santa Maria Cocktails
The Gypsy Queen Cocktails
The Cleopatra Cocktails
The Caruso Cocktails
Summer Bourbon Sparkling Cider Cocktails
Spicy Grapefruit Drop Cocktails
Snowball Punch
Pink Sangria Fizz Cocktails
Perfect Patron Margarita Margaritas
Pear Thyme Sparkle Cocktails
Pear-N-Berry Frappe Cocktails
Patron Perfect Cosmo Cocktails
Patron Paloma Cocktails
Passionate Eruption Cocktails
Paradis Cocktails
Orange Cream Punch Punch
Negroni Cocktails