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Monday, December 12, 2011

Traveling with Fido? Look No Further than Now Boarding.

Traveling with Fido? Look No Further than Now Boarding.

I absolutely love dogs (I can take or leave cats; no hate mail please), but my allergies prevent me from owning one. Which is heartbreaking when one of your child’s first words is “puppy.” So, I have to live vicariously through my friends who have dogs of their own. My friends are such good pet owners—they rescue animals, read all the books, participate in doggie kindergarten—that when it comes to traveling, either the dog is staying some place Ritz Carlton-esque or is coming along for the ride. If you feel the same about your pet, then we've got the place for you.

Now Boarding by the MSP Airport

How can you not love that face?
Photo courtesy of Now Boarding

In 2009, the Animal Humane Society opened Now Boarding, a for-profit facility just a short shuttle bus ride away from the MSP Airport. Whether you’re local and traveling away from Minnesota (or heading up north for some skiing) or coming here from afar for a visit and bringing Fido along, Now Boarding is a convenient, friendly, clean, and most importantly, fun venue where your pet can stay. And it’s not just for Fido or Felix—they’ll take in your hamster, rabbit, bird and other small critters, too!

If you’re leaving your pet overnight, he’ll stay in a junior, queen or king suite and get daily maid service, personal attention, active playtime and round-the-clock food and beverage service. Now Boarding also offers daycare, which is very convenient if you want to spend the day visiting Mall of America sans pet, as well as grooming services, pool time and special treats. The facility is open 24/7, so you can call and check on your beloved any time of day.

So, now when you hear that Minneapolis-St. Paul and Minnesota rank high for friendliest places in America, you’ll know we’re not just people-friendly, but pet-friendly, too!

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Dec 13, 2011 11:10 am
 Posted by  manda

We haven't boarded overnight yet but have visited a few of the local places for doggy daycare. We've heard raves in our dog-friendly neighborhood about Now Boarding. We find the newer crop of doggy daycare breaks the old stereotypes of kennels. Your dog comes home loved, socialized and, thankfully, exhausted! Ours goes nuts in the parking lot and has forgotten we are even there once in the lobby. I agree with your sentiment about the cities being pet friendly. For city-dwelling dog owners it is such peace of mind to know that we will never be without a caring, comfortable and fun place to drop our dog for a day of play or for a longer stay if we needed it.

Dec 13, 2011 11:18 am
 Posted by  AFG

Thanks for your comment! For many, pets are like their children, and just like we parents want only the best in childcare (social, safe and tiring!), you want the same for you pets. It's great that the Twin Cities community loves its pets, too. :)

Dec 13, 2011 04:56 pm
 Posted by  Satchel Torgerson

Now Boarding is my home away from home. It's the best thing since bacon and belly rubs.

Dec 20, 2011 10:39 pm
 Posted by  WwwwwwwwwW

We love our Satchel :-) Best puggle in the world!

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