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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The PedalPub: Exercise, Sight-See, Bar-Hop, Party

The PedalPub: Exercise, Sight-See, Bar-Hop, Party

It’s a tandem bike! It’s a tour bus! It’s a parade float! It’s PedalPub! 

Maybe you’ve seen it, this crazy-looking pedal-powered “pub on wheels,” with up to 16 people pedaling, drinking, laughing, pedaling, laughing, drinking—slowly tooling around town in either Minneapolis or St. Paul.

A few years ago, when I first heard of the PedalPub, I was gung-ho about gathering a group of girlfriends to try this novelty, and then I kind of forgot about it. Until recently, that is. 

PedalPubWithin the last two weeks, I saw the PedalPub twice, Gregory Scott mentioned it in Minnesota Monthly's June cover story “Summer in the Cities,” and last weekend my sister-in-law Trish, her sister Tara, and a group of their friends went and excitedly told me all about their PedalPub/bar crawl experience when I saw them the following day … it's as if the universe is aligning and all of the signs are pointing to me booking a unique girls’ afternoon or night out on this Dutch-made “bike with the barrel.”

Who wants to join me?!

Here’s how it works: First, you go to the website and look to see if the date you want is free, then book a time slot and designated route (there are 11 routes to choose from—mostly in Minneapolis or St. Paul neighborhoods—varying in distance from 2 miles to 6 miles, with anywhere from six to nearly 30 stops available, depending on the route). The difficulty level ranges from mostly flat to moderately hilly, but nothing so hilly that you’d have to get off and push. The pedal bar concept originated in the Netherlands, and it’s not exactly hilly there, so it makes perfect sense that the Twin Cities routes aren’t too hilly, either. 

After you book your time slot and pay the $320 per two-hour tour fee, you await confirmation from PedalPub. And then you cross your fingers for nice weather, because the PedalPub operates rain or shine.

You can have up to 16 people in your group, 17 total when you include the pilot/driver, who is supplied by the company for insurance purposes. There are 10 pedaling seats, five on each side, a bench in the back that seats three, a non-pedaling seat over the rear wheels, plus one “standee” spot for the bartender. It’s recommended that 8 people rent the pub, although 10 is preferable since there are 10 “pedaling” seats.

Just as Fred Flintstone fueled his car with his own foot power, these bikes get from point A to B solely through pedal power. You do get a workout (burn off those beer calories!) and the pedaling seats are not adjustable, so it’s a challenge for shorties to reach the pedals. According to the PedalPub website, “The PedalPub has a minimum height requirement of 5’3" for pedalers. There is a maximum weight limit of 300 pounds for people on the bike seats. The back seat is perfect for those who don’t fit within the height and weight limitations.”

You can drink alcohol on approved routes while pedaling merrily along, thanks to a change in Minnesota State Law a few years ago that allows passengers aboard the PedalPub to consume beer, wine or “malted beverages” (no hard liquor), and nothing in glass. There is room for two coolers or one “pony” keg with a Sankey-type connection. You can even bring a homebrewed keg, as long as you provide your own source of carbonation. You can bring food, too, and store it in the inside roof rack. 

Fresh air, exercise, laughing and drinking with friends on a (hopefully nice) summer or fall afternoon or evening, listening to your favorite CD mix, hearing cheers of encouragement from people on nearby patios as you roll slowly by (at a speed of around 5 mph), that’s my kind of fun!

The PedalPub is perfect for team-building events, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, tailgating parties, a unique way to sight-see with out-of-town guests (read about one blogger’s experience here, she mentions our very own Fresh Tart Steph!), even AA outings (you can bring your own coffee and cigarettes).

With the exception of Mondays, the PedalPub operates every day of the week, from April through October. If you can’t fill a Pub on your own, you can join a Mixers tour.


  • Don’t wear flip-flops. Wear the type of shoes you’d wear when going for a bike ride.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Be prepared to sweat.
  • Bring water.

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May 16, 2012 08:13 pm
 Posted by  Libby

Glad to hear it is fun and profitable for some, but we deliberately bought a house that was not next to a rowdy bar. We probably pay extra to not live near a pub. We live in a beautiful, historic, and formerly quiet neighborhood, and now cannot enjoy a quiet dinner on our porch without some apparently drunk, or naturally rude pedal cab partakers yelling and screaming to be heard over their typically tasteless loud music as they slowly pedal their bar around my home. All summer, afternoons and through the night. All we can do to get away from having a bar surround us is go inside and close the windows, and let them enjoy our yard and gardens. How about the pedal cab goes to their neighborhood? At the rates they are paying they can upgrade their garden and drink and yell and scream in their yard instead of mine. Why is it ok to profit off of carousing in my neighborhood? Why not go yell and scream and play music really loudly in the street in front of their own home? Could it be they do not want to cause a disturbance where they live, so they pay to come disturb my neighborhood? Our narrow street cannot accommodate a car passing one of these atrocities, so I cannot even drive away, because I cannot pass it as it slowly and loudly lingers on my street.

Sorry to be a party popper. Give my your address so I can have a loud raucous party in your street every summer night.

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