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Gregory J. Scott

Academics to Hash Out Why Obviously Cool Art is So Sweet

Rosalux hosts an Artists' Talk about a self-evidently exceptional show

The Friskiest Feline of Them All

With Fritz the Cat, the Trylon's indie comix series goes from animated to X-rated

Bibbity, Bobbity, Boo

Spells and makeshift magic at the Soap Factory

Miss Mary Mack Makes Keillor Look Un-Minnesotan

Folk humorist Mary Mack is cute, clever, and plays clarinet. What's not to like?

A Vanguard Korean Artist. A World-Premiere. A Local Collaboration.

The Walker goes out on a Lim to flip lids.

The 48-Hour Band Contestival: Random Strangers Forced to Make Music Together

Because nothing says "rock-and-roll" like terrifying, merciless deadline pressure

How much earnest politics does it take to ruin a good print?

Find out at this year's Jerome Emerging Printmakers Exhibition

Art-A-Whirl: Off the Beaten Path

Three events to get you off 13th Avenue and into a few spaces you've never been before

Art-A-Whirl Spotlight: Rudy Fig

Saccharine-death psychedelia, just in time for spring

The One Where We Get All New Age-y at Form+Content

Bear with us. We're about to compare art-making to astrology.

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