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Thursday, June 21, 2012

DeRushaEats: The Traveling Foodist

I've got food on the mind, as I often do, but more so because I'm about to embark on a vacation!

There's something exciting about experiencing food in other cities. Maybe it's just the change of scenery—it's the chance to experience something different, it's the escape from the preconceived notions I have about various restaurants around here.

I've always considered myself a combination of high-brow and low-brow, and this coming trip will certainly be that: a couple days in Buffalo, New York (home of the beef on weck and buffalo wings, obvi), followed by a trip to Niagara Falls (I will not be entering Canada via tightrope), and a couple more days in Toronto, Canada.

My wife Alyssa usually does the pre-trip research, checking websites and reviews. I usually ask the smartest Twin Cities food people I can find. And then we combine our lists.  (Clearly I'm asking you for your Buffalo and Toronto suggestions—let me know in the comments.)

I'm a big advocate of the staycation—where you go to a downtown Minneapolis or St. Paul hotel, and then explore our cities like you would if you were a tourist. I think it's a smart thing to do with food, too—come downtown, take taxi cabs to restaurants or walk to places in the city core, and forget about the kids.

If I had to design a Minneapolis staycation right now, I'd probably stay at the W or the Grand Hotel, have breakfasts at Hell's Kitchen and Haute Dish, lunch at Birdhouse and Pizzeria Lola, and dinners at Corner Table and Strip Club Meat & Fish. I'd have a second dinner and drinks at La Belle Vie's lounge, and Saffron.

How about you? Design your two-day Twin Cities food vacation in the comments!

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Jun 21, 2012 03:58 pm
 Posted by  Erin

I wrote about this once on my blog a few years ago - so this is slightly out of date, but I think I'd still do a lot of the same stuff if I had a few days just to eat my way through the cities! Now there are so many amazing new restaurants that I haven't been able to try due to the whole toddler/infant combination - but I really want to go to Tilia, Butcher & Boar, Bachelor Farmer... and on and on. Sigh. Someday.

Anyway, here is my food-focused tour of the Twin Cities in a weekend!


Brunch at Barbette (Best eggs benedict in the area that I've had!)

Rent kayaks at Lake Calhoun, kayak through the chain of lakes in the area. Do some shopping in Uptown.

Chef's tasting menu with wine pairing for dinner at La Belle Vie


Breakfast at Al's Breakfast in Dinkytown

Head over to Midtown Global Market to do a little shopping and sampling at the various food vendors there.

Go to Minnehaha Falls, rent a group bike and bike around the trails there.

Clam fries and a few beers at Sea Salt Eatery

Dive bar crawl in NE Minneapolis - start at Nyes (just so you can say you went to what Esquire called the best bar in America), then head to Tony Jaro's, Stasiu's, NE Palace, Grumpy's, Shaw's (Have a Shaw Burger here - YUM), Knight Cap, and end up at Mayslacks.


Brunch at Mickey's Dinner

Shopping on Grand Ave. perhaps picking up a light lunch and dessert at Cafe Latte or Bread & Chocolate.

Dinner at Heartland

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