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April 2011


Bonfire of the Insanities

Bonfire of the Insanities

Flames, a crossbow, bones, and blood. How a dispute between three Minnesota siblings turned deadly.

The Perfect Party

The Perfect Party

From locations to decorations to invitations, we have everything you need to throw the poshest party of the season.

How We Rate...

How We Rate...

Where Minnesota ranks in everything from health to wealth, hotness to happiness


Party Plan

Editor's Letter: Party Plan

Off Broadway

Ripple Effect: Off Broadway

We missed Sally Wingert. Back from the Big Apple, she claims to have missed us, too.

Pop Rocks

Ripple Effect: Pop Rocks

Jeremy Messersmith on his rising rep, natty style, and playing for the prez

Rustic Retreat

True North: Rustic Retreat

Crooked Lake offers all the solitude and beauty of the Boundary Waters—with a few creature comforts to boot

April 2011 Arts Calendar

Stepping Out: April 2011 Arts Calendar

Nine hot picks and the faces behind this month's art and culture

Defying Hate

Scene: Defying Hate

The NOH8 Campaign finds generous support for marriage equality and GLBT awareness in Minneapolis

Music on a Mission

Scene: Music on a Mission

WAMSO-Minnesota Orchestra Volunteer Association rallies support for the future of music.

Making Dreams Come True

Scene: Making Dreams Come True

The Wishes & More Valentine’s Ball set sail to raise money for terminally ill children and their families

Venice in Minneapolis

Scene: Venice in Minneapolis

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts celebrated its latest exhibit and the work of history’s greatest Venetian artists

MN Moments: State Sale

Think solving a $5 billion deficit is easy? You’re a fool.

Money Matters

Expert: Money Matters

Green is the new black. Financial expert Nathan Dungan talks money.

Ambitious Tastes

Omnivore: Ambitious Tastes

Reborn Heidi’s aims for the dining stars, including bona fide Michelin stars

Top Thai

Omnivore: Top Thai

Is Naviya’s Thai Brasserie the best new Twin Cities restaurant of the last five years?

A Cut Above

Shops: A Cut Above

The Vintage Studio marries boutique shopping with vintage pieces for first-rate style

Good Gewürz!

Wine: Good Gewürz!

Is there any wine more flat-out liked than quirky, sprightly Gewürztraminer?

Sue Z.'s Finds

Sue Z: Sue Z.'s Finds

Spring has finally arrived, and with it comes an array of sweet, spicy, and savory flavors.

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