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You Can’t Keep a Good Tribute Band Down

A great tribute band has to combine all the right elements to recreate the songbook of their inspiration and provide a good time that works on its own merits.

Required Reads

Ten books you won’t be reading this summer

Pat Coleman’s Ideal Summer Reading List

Anyone who refers to Sigurd Olson as “Sig” has our vote of confidence when it comes to summer book picks

Local Literati Share Their Summer Reading Lists

Summer's top-20 must-reads

Dessa Speaks

The hip-hop star reads her essay on dads and shares a tune from her new album, Parts of Speech

Want to hit a local theater for the newest flick, but hate constantly looking up their website, phone number or address? Access a list of Minnesota's Metro movie theaters here


TC Culture

Weekend Best Bets: April 18-April 20

What you need to see, do, hear, and experience this weekend

Weekend Best Bets: April 11-April 13

What you need to do, see, hear, and experience this weekend

A Local Angle on the MSP International Film Festival

A Local Angle on the MSP International Film Festival

Many of this weekend's MSPIFF showings have a Mn connection

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