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August 2007


Dream Weekends

Dream Weekends

Paradise is just a short drive from the Twin Cities.

Scenes from a Mall

Scenes from a Mall

The Mall of America turns 15

Universal Discovery

Universal Discovery

Cosmos is still otherworldly, even if the cool kids have moved on

The Power — and — piousness — and — frustration — and — sorrow of One

The Power — and — piousness — and — frustration — and — sorrow of One

How Cheryl Johnson became C.J., the most infamous Journalist in Minnesota.

Youth Culture

The School of Rock in St. Paul shows the next generation how to strike a chord.

Anything Goes

A preview of the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

New Bohemians

New Bohemians

A new wave of boosters hopes to put the art scene back in Minneapolis' Warehouse District.


The Arts

Stepping Out: The Arts

Minnesota Monthly's recommendations for cultural diversion in August 2007

Tray Chic

The Look: Tray Chic

Trays that shimmer and shine.


The Look: Denim

From high-waisted to hip-hugger, where to find the coolest denim styles.

Il Vostro

The Look: Il Vostro

Il Vostro gets the boot-Italy, that is.

August 2007 Letters to the Editor

Mail-Archived: August 2007 Letters to the Editor

Comments from readers on the last issue of Minnesota Monthly

Great Escapes

Talk: Great Escapes

Books and music reviewed

Green Monsters

Talk: Green Monsters

Why I don’t believe in lawns

End of the Road Radio

Talk: End of the Road Radio

End of the Road radio in Ely.

Russian Rebirth

Talk: Russian Rebirth

Judi Dutcher and Russian art.

Kernels of Truth

Talk: Kernels of Truth

Cob-nobbing with Minnesota’s sweetest summer crop

Young and Restless

Quick Bite: Young and Restless

A volatile chef makes a gentle landing at Barbette

Man on a Mission

Quick Bite: Man on a Mission

Former Auriga owner Doug Flicker takes a walk on the mild side

Sue Z Says

Sue Z: Sue Z Says

Alfresco dining suggestions

The Last Word

Foreword: The Last Word

A tribute to Carol Ratelle Leach