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Twitterview with Keri Noble, @KeriNoble1

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Twitterview with Keri Noble, @KeriNoble1

Hello to all of the #MNMOtv followers! Today's guest is singer/songwriter and a co-host on @Cities97radio, @KeriNoble1. Lets welcome her!

Keri: Super excited. My very first "Twitterview"!

Glad to have you as a guest! Tell us a little bit about your background. Where you grew up & childhood interests.

Keri: I was born in Ft Worth, Tx. We moved from TX to IL, b4 moving back to TX.

Eventually, when i was in 2nd or 3rd grade, we moved (& settled) in Detroit, MI

I was home-schooled 'til 4th grade. My mom was a teacher at the school, and my dad was a southern baptist pastor.

I spent most of my time, as a kid, at church. Choir, Sunday School, Bible studies, etc.

When i finally went 2 school, took me a while 2 b comfortable, but by 6th grade, i discovered boys & being social.

Later, i got super involved in the drama program, & was certain i was gonna b an actress!

At what age did you start writing your own songs, and what kinds of music did you listen to?

Keri: Music's always been a part of my family/life. Mom was a choir director, i took piano lessons, sang in the choir, etc

But i didn't start writing 'til i was a freshman in college, after hearing Joni Mitchell's "Blue"

That was a game-changer 4 me. B4 that, i listened to contemp. christian music as a kid, and R&B/hip hop as a teen

Once i discovered Joni, i devoured any singer-songwriter i could get my hands on Shawn Colvin Carol King Patty Griffin

I'd listened 2 music my whole life but hearing singer-songwriters made me want to actually create music 4 the 1st time

Something about that music made it feel safe 4 me to express things i wasn't sure i could say in real life

That's a great list! In addition to singing and songwriting, what musical instruments do you know how to play?

Keri: Piano's my main instrument. I can play a little guitar. Not well, but i can hack it if i have to!

Some people write music from personal experience, others write from observations. What moves you to write?

Keri: Always personal experience. Not necessarily something that happened directly 2 me, but maybe someone close 2 me

Sometimes i can write like crazy & other times i have nothing 2 say. Has everything 2 do w/what's going on in my life.

More than anything, my songs have been directly related to whatever i'm feeling/going through

When writing a new song, can it be difficult to, in a sense, edit your feelings? To make the lyrics work better.

Keri: The goal is NOT 2 edit, if possible. U can edit l8r. The writing process should b as pure/unfiltered as possible.

Nearly impossible 2 turn the internal critic off, but if u can get in2 a zone w/no distractions & a quiet mind...gold!

2 many details/specifics can yank a listener out of the "painting" that they've created, so i do try to avoid that

for example, i don't need 2 mention names, eye color, the city, what we were eating, etc. 1 or 2 details is plenty

People connect when they can picture themselves in songs. That's what i try 2 do. Tell a story but not get in the way.

For sure! Shifting gears, your BIO says that you're a Detroit loyalist. Has it been tough watching their hardships?

Keri: Heartbreaking.

It's not hard to cheer for Detroit. There's SO much history. It's made up of fighters. Don't count 'em out yet!

My family's still in D, so i go home several times a year. It's hard to see the pain, but there's a lot of beauty, too.

They seem to be working at innovative things to revive the area. Lastly, lets talk about your @Cities97radio gig...

Keri: YES! Let's talk about my @cities97radio gig! I'm having a blast!

Had you ever done radio before and did you know who @BrianOake was?

Keri: I have the BEST partner/co-host IN THE BIZ! @BrianOake

@BrianOake He had interviewed me several times as an artist at Oake on the Water. We always had a good time.

I was doing the @PowerTripKFAN on @KFAN1003 for the last year b4 joining @cities97radio in April of this last year.

I was the "Girl Around Town", talking about what was happening in the Twin Cities.

@Chawk1003 producer of @PowerTripKFAN was the 1st person 2 give me a chance on the radio.Wouldn't b here w/out him

@LMac97 gave me my BIG break on @cities97radio & @BrianOake & i have been having a blast ever since.

@BrianOake Oake's been a radio staple here in the TC for a long time. It's really an honor 2 share the mornings w/him.

With both radio programs being in the morning, I'm guessing that you're a "morning person"? No on-air chemistry issues?

Keri: Oddly enough, i love mornings. don't get me wrong-i'd love to sleep in a little l8r, but...

i get up at 2:45 most mornings 2 hit the gym b4 coming in to work. helps me get my head clear & ready 4 the day.

I still pop over 2 the @PowerTripKFAN every Mon/Fri @ 8:30 just 2 give 'em a hard time.

"on-air chemistry issues" LOL! @BrianOake & i spar every morning, but its brother/sister teasing that makes it so fun!

The @PowerTripKFAN needs a rough time. :) Thanks for your time today and Tweeting some of your thoughts on #MNMOtv. Good work!

Keri: Thanks for being my 1st ever Twitterview! Anytime!

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