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Pet Show

Your friends. Your neighbors. The humans who love them.

Pet Show

Name: Mo \\ Age: 18 months \\ Breed: Australian Cattle Dog \\ With: William Ashworth \\ Location: Lowertown St. Paul \\

What’s an australian cattle dog?

“World’s smartest dog, gets along with everyone. I’m from oklahoma, and down there these dogs are known as blue heelers.”

Name: Quincy \\ Age: 3 \\ Breed: Cavachon (Cavalier King Charles and Bichon Mix) \\ With: Lindsay Garry \\ Location: Lowertown St. Paul

Name: Bogart \\ Age: 15 months \\ Breed: Standard Poodle \\  With: DC Vaughn \\ Location: Lake of the Isles Dog Park, Minneapolis

Q: Is bogart anything like the hard-boiled, loose-cannon actor?

A: “No, bogart’s a gentle giant, always goes with the flow.”

Name: Franklin \\ Age: 2.5 years \\ Breed: Pomeranian Chihuahua \\ With: Katie Schipper \\ Location: Lake of the Isles Dog Park, Minneapolis

Q: What kind of comments do you get when you walk Franklin?

A: “People say, ‘He’s cute, in a weird way.’ Or, ‘oh my god, she’s walking her cat on a leash.’”

Names: Walter and Payton \\ Ages: 15 months and 7 years \\ Breed: Golden Retriever \\ With: Karen Sager \\ Location: Lowertown St. Paul

Q: What’s the story behind the names?

A: “We are huge bears fans.”

Name: Emmett \\ Age: 5 months \\ Breed: Pointer Mix \\ With: Chessa Rader and Angie Thyren \\ Location: Airport Dog Park, Richfield 

Q: What’s the story behind the name?

A: “We sometimes talk in British accents just for fun, so we needed a name that sounded good that way, as in ’Aim-it!’”

Q: Does he do any tricks?

A: “He loves to play ‘bite’ right now. The trick will be getting him to stop.”

Name: Orion \\ Age: 7 \\ Breed: Siberian Husky \\ With: Ashley Nichols \\ Location: Lowertown St. Paul

Q: What kind of comments do you get when you’re walking Orion?

A: “A lot of kids refer to him as the ‘snow dog,’ after that Disney movie ‘Snow Dogs.’”

Names: Lily and Oliver \\ Ages: 3 years and 3 months \\ Breeds: Jack Russell Terrier and Jack Russell Terrier Mix \\ With: Kaitlin Talbot \\ Location: Airport Dog Park, Richfield

Q: Do the dogs have any special talents?

A: “Lily will catch a ball in the air while running. Oliver? His talent is just being cute.”

Name: Sally \\ Age: 7.5 years \\ Breed: 3/4 Pug, 1/4 miniature Pinscher \\ With: Chris Beckstrom \\ Location: Lowertown St. Paul

Q: Does Sally do any tricks?

A: “She teaches me to do tricks. She’s not trained and very willful.”


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