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Best Hospitals & Healthcare Profiles

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How do you choose the best quality hospital or healthcare clinic for your needs? Not only is it important to find a hospital or clinic that has invested in cutting-edge technology and performs well (statistically) against the national average, it’s also important to judge the environment. According to Forbes magazine, the environment can speak to pride in the facility and a healthy work environment, both of which may help lead to better patient experiences and health outcomes. A rare few excel in everything: Quality, safety, environment, and patient satisfaction. In the following pages, see which local hospitals and healthcare clinics make the grade.

Park Nicollet Foundation

In a world with a population of nearly 7 billion people, it’s hard to think that the individual actions of one person can make a difference. But they can. Mother Teresa was only one person, as was Ghandi. Nelson Mandela is only one person, as is Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and Warren Buffett.

One person can make all the difference in the world, and one foundation can make all the difference in 50 different Twin Cities area communities.

The foundation is the Park Nicollet Foundation, and it’s not your typical hospital foundation. While it is part of Park Nicollet Health Services—an integrated care system that includes Methodist Hospital, Park Nicollet Clinic, and Park Nicollet Institute—the programs it supports are not solely programs within the hospital and clinics. Instead, the Foundation meets community needs ranging from eating disorders to cancer, from health care for babies and school-age children to the complex needs of a growing senior population.

"Park Nicollet Foundation goes beyond raising funds and hosting galas," says Mick Johnson, Foundation president. "We take direction from the community based on what they need and develop meaningful relationships to provide support. It’s not about the money, it's about building healthy communities."

For 37 years, the Foundation has been changing lives by not only treating and preventing disease, but also by enabling everyone in the community to maintain a high quality of life. Over the years, they have invested millions of dollars—exclusively through philanthropy—into thousands of programs that provide grief support, promote literacy, offer rehabilitation services for stroke survivors and their families, work to reduce the risk of child abuse, help those with diabetes and eating disorders, mentor disadvantaged youth, offer emergency financial assistance for those with cancer and their families, improve the quality of life for seniors, and provide medical, dental, and mental health services to uninsured, under-insured, homeless and low-income school-aged kids. And that's just a sampling of the programs the not-for-profit healthcare organization supports.

"We are part of people's everyday lives," says Johnson. "Park Nicollet is of and for the community."

The work of the Foundation has a ripple effect in the community, spreading outward by protecting and promoting health for people of all ages, all ethnicities, all walks of life. As President John F. Kennedy once said: "No American is ever made better off by pulling a fellow American down, and every American is made better off whenever any one of us is made better off. A rising tide raises all boats."

For more information, please visit parknicollet.com/foundation.

Park Nicollet's tradition of caring will continue when Mick Johnson retires and Christa Getchell takes the helm as Foundation president in 2011.

Park Nicollet Foundation
6500 Excelsior Blvd.
St. Louis Park, MN 55426


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