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Education and Schools Features

The Price of Knowledge

The price of education skyrockets in Minnesota.

Finding the Perfect Match: What You Need to Know About College

Selecting a college can seem like a daunting task. Every application takes a considerable amount of time to complete, especially if you want to stand out in a sea of prospective applicants.

2013-2014 School Guide

We profiled some of the best schools in the area to help you find the best fit.

Career Transitions

Live and Work the Way You've Always Wanted

The Best Summer Camps And Enrichment Programs

A Guide For All Ages

School Charts

Researching schools? Changing districts? Check our charts for stats:

Private Schools

Public Schools

STEM Schools

Minnesota Colleges
Education ProfilesFind out more about some of the top schools in the region with our education profiles.


UniversityMinnesota boasts some of the best colleges and universities in the Midwest.

Check out our college listings for links to area schools and their contact information.

The Current Issue

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