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Hot Jobs

Ready to ditch your crummy cube and pink-slip worries for something better? Consider these high-flying companies that aren’t just surviving, but thriving.

Hot Jobs
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So you think you're a creative genius...

Choose: Marketing & Advertising

We’re sure that the unpublished novel sitting on your hard drive is a bestseller waiting to happen, but if you need to pay some bills in the meantime, you don’t have to let your creativity go dormant in a paper-pushing office. Instead, consider a career in marketing or advertising, where you can help dream up a way to make the next thing into the next big thing. Solid 10-percent growth during the next decade and salaries for managers that touch $100,000? Sign us up. Send your resumé to:


With the help of clever campaigns for organizations ranging from Izze beverages to Target, Olson has been rocking double-digit growth nearly every year for more than a decade. Thanks to its rapid expansion, employees are filling nearly every corner of its hip Loring Park headquarters in Minneapolis, and the company expects to increase its 320-person roster in the coming years. Though the schedule is hectic, employees can stay sharp with the help of the 11 on-site fitness classes offered each week or work with the company’s wellness trainer to stay on track. oco.com

Carmichael Lynch

If the company’s enormous rooftop patio overlooking Target Field doesn’t make you swoon, its client list—which includes the likes of Subaru and Seventh Generation—might. The company expects to hire more than 35 people next year, and even part-timers get access to a comprehensive slate of perks, including extra time off in the summer, full medical coverage for domestic partners, and incentives to bike to the office. carmichaellynch.com


Even its CEO acknowledges that the culture of Reach, an Eden Prairie-based marketing and technology company, is more likely to embrace beer pong than button-down shirts. But the party vibe hasn’t impeded its growth: The 40-person company (15 in Minnesota) is poised to add 15 people in 2011 and another 45 in 2012. Employees love that the company is small enough that everyone’s work makes a visible impact, and hierarchy is eschewed. They also love success: Even as companies froze salaries and slashed workforces during the recession, Reach members received raises and bonuses. reachsportsgroup.com


The company’s Minneapolis headquarters are distinctly comfier than most—employees are encouraged to bring their dogs to the office, and a Ping-Pong table and classic video-arcade games provide a more pleasant break than a water cooler. But make no mistake, this advertising and marketing firm is driven to succeed. With 125 employees in Minnesota and a client list that includes American Express and Forever 21, Space150 is poised to add at least 30 people this year. space150.com

So you want to roll in the dough...

Choose: Finance

The mantra “Greed is good” may have helped Wall Street topple the American economy, but we all need to make a buck, right? To make more bucks than most, consider a career in finance, where six-figure salaries are common for experienced financial analysts and managers, and bonuses and stock options can send already sky-high checks into the stratosphere. Plus, state job growth for financial analysts is expected to be 16 percent in the coming decade—twice as rapid as growth in other sectors. Ka-ching! Send your resumé to:

Thrivent Financial

Many companies took a financial beating during the past years’ financial meltdown, but Thrivent’s prudent management helped it increase both sales and assets in 2009. That growth has fueled hiring at its Minneapolis headquarters and beyond. The company expects to add up to 150 new employees in 2011 alone. Once on board, workers enjoy benefits like a nine-day flex program, telecommuting options, and an average of 20 vacation days per year. thrivent.com

Securian Financial Group

If only we all looked this good after 130 years: Securian, a finance and insurance company headquartered in St. Paul, has more than 9 million U.S. clients. The company plans to hire 200 workers in Minnesota in 2011, and the company’s notable perks, including a diversity program and performance-sharing plan, make the gig quite attractive. Securian also has a strong culture of corporate citizenship: Employees volunteered more than 5,000 hours in 2009, gave more than $1 million to United Way, and have awarded scholarships to more than 100 students. securian.com

ING Direct

Known primarily for its online presence, ING Direct’s St. Cloud site employs more than 500 people. Thanks to its mentality of saving versus spending, the bank is poised to add 350 employees in the next five years. Employees have access to retirement savings perks like matching 401(k) plans and pensions, get PTO for community service, and have access to an on-site wellness center. ingdirect.com

Wells Fargo

With some 20,000 employees in the state, Wells Fargo is something of a financial behemoth in Minnesota. Touting its people as its prime asset, the bank invests in its workers through subsidized childcare options, volunteer programs, and exceptional health and retirement plans. As a result, internal surveys reveal that some 80 percent of employees say they like their work, far greater than the national average. wellsfargo.com

U.S. Bancorp

Plenty of banks have cut back—or gone under—the past few years, but the Minneapolis-headquartered U.S. Bancorp continues to grow. Known as a family-friendly company and a great workplace for members of the military, it has also been recognized by American Banker magazine for having some of the most powerful women in banking. Workers get access to a pension plan, 401(k) match, paid volunteer time, and tuition reimbursement. usbank.com

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Mar 7, 2011 03:42 pm
 Posted by  hdvroom

Really? I can't believe that you listed Medtronic in your Feb edition as one of the high-flying companies that aren’t just surviving, but thriving when this Feb they announced a layoff. Doesn't seem that this article has a finger on the pulse of MN companies...disappointing to say the least.

Apr 1, 2011 01:24 pm
 Posted by  MichelleASiebert

Also, be sure to check out www.Avtex.com if you want to get on the fast-track with a market-leading IT solutions provider.

Jul 19, 2011 04:21 pm
 Posted by  mwilli

Make sure you check out mentormate.com for another great twin cities based IT solutions company. It has expertise in web development, mobile application development, and business software development.

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