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New Year, New You

Need some rejuvenation? Refresh with the latest skin-saving, face-framing, body-slimming treatments available in the Twin Cities.

New Year, New You
Photo by Jude Buffum

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You’ve started on your resolutions for the New Year. Now it’s time to take stock of the things that really matter. Like your eyebrow. That’s right, they’ve fused into one. And those saddle bags that just won’t go away? Why fight them in the gym when you can zap them at the spa? With these get-pretty (or handsome) innovations, it’s easier—and more enjoyable than ever—to fight your beauty battles.



Sometimes, even the strongest hands can’t work out the kinks. That’s when Nell Rueckl, the proprietress of Spot Spa in Minneapolis and one of the Cities’ most sought-after massage therapists, recommends energy work. “If a client isn’t responding to massage, they need another key to help them heal,” she says. Often referred to as Reiki or Shambhala, energy work is an all-encompassing term for any holistic therapy in which the practitioner tries to eliminate energy blockages in the body, a process that can help heal everything from illness and injury to deep-seated emotional distress. Since it’s not something you can see or always feel, energy work is an exercise in letting go—and trusting the possibility that our bodies have the power to repair themselves.

Who it’s for:
Anyone who is open to nontraditional options. If energy work sounds like a bunch of hoo-ha, then it’s not for you.
What to expect: Physical vibrations—from soft to powerful—often occur when blockages are released.
Book it: Spot Spa, 401 E. Hennepin Ave., Mpls., 612-331-4182, spotspas.com
Cost: $65 per hour



Each year, the average woman spends the equivalent of five whole days standing in front of a mirror, according to a recent survey by QVC. We’re willing to bet that at least one of those days is dedicated to applying mascara or false eyelashes. It doesn’t have to be that way! With eyelash extensions, individual lashes are affixed to your natural lashes using a steady hand and nontoxic glue. Depending on your budget—and how Bambi you want to go—options for lashes range from synthetic fibers to silk to mink fur. With each option, you’ll wake up every day with a fan-like fringe of glossy lashes—no curling, crimping, or mascara-swiping required.

: A quick comb-through each morning, plus monthly fills.
Staying power: With proper care (no oil-based products, limited eye-rubbing) the extensions will last two to eight weeks.
Book it: Certified eyelash-extension artist Amy Presson recently opened Jett Makeup, the Cities’ first eyelash bar, 3940 W. 50th St., Edina, 651-373-1702, jettmakeup.com
Cost: $150 and up



The average manicure lasts about a week—and that’s pushing it. But there’s a new manicure in town called Shellac, and it lasts two weeks. That’s 14 days of impossibly glossy, pristine nails with nary a chip or scratch in sight. The secret to this high-tech nail system? A UV3 light that cures each layer of lacquer, leaving it completely dry in seconds. The gel polish, from cult-favorite Creative Nail Design, comes in 12 pretty shades that stay smooth and flawless no matter how hard you are on your nails. We’re willing to bet that once you try Shellac, you’ll never go back.

Ideal for: Anyone who gets regular manicures and can appreciate making fewer trips to the salon. Shellac is also great when you really need your manicure to last.
Fine print: Not all gel manicures are created equal. Other systems, like Axxium from OPI, require the nails to be scuffed prior to application, which leaves them damaged and brittle.
Book it: A handful of local spas offer Shellac, but no one nails it like Rhonda Hansford at Jason Deavalon Salon, 1517 W. Lake St., Mpls, 612-824-8939, jasondeavalon.com.
Cost: $50



For decades, the classic European facial has been the gold standard of skin services. It usually goes something like this: cleanse, exfoliate, steam, extract, mask, massage, tone, moisturize—give or take, depending on your skin situation. As technology has advanced, so have the tools of the facial trade. During an oxygen facial, for example, oxygen molecules are sprayed onto the skin to rapidly speed up new cell growth. The result: improved skin tone, elasticity, and overall radiance. Other devices, like ultrasonic exfoliators and microcurrent wands, help products better penetrate the skin for increased effectiveness.

Who can benefit: Anyone with acne, dull skin, scars, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, or loss of firmness.
Great expectations: After one treatment, skin will be brighter, smoother, and more even-toned. After several treatments, benefits may include softer fine lines, firmer skin, diminished discoloration, and fewer blemishes.
Book it: Sara Mattson Skin Therapy, 6420 W. Lake St., Mpls., 612-922-1511, saraskin.com
Cost: $90 and up



If the thought of going under the knife for a facelift makes your skin crawl, you have two options: Give in to gravity or consider a noninvasive alternative. Although Botox and Juvederm can do wonders for frown lines and crow’s feet, your best defense against sagging skin might be facial rejuvenation acupuncture. This holistic practice, rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, promotes the circulation of chi, or energy, in your face. During the half-hour session, tiny needles are inserted into your skin anywhere you have fine lines or lax skin. Over the course of 10 sessions (you should start seeing a difference after two), collagen production improves, increasing muscle tone and elasticity. The result: firmer skin and fewer wrinkles—without a scalpel or syringe.

Pain factor: None. Acupuncture needles are wisp-thin and feel like a tiny pinprick when inserted into the skin. Most people report a sense of peace and relaxation.
Book it: Fusion LifeSpa, 18142 Minnetonka Blvd., Deephaven, 952-345-3335, fusionlifespa.com
Cost: $95 per session

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Feb 23, 2011 03:04 am
 Posted by  SuzieDsouza

I got my first gel manicure before Christmas . I loved it. It lasted for 2-21/2 weeks. I thought I will get these gel manicures all the time. When I wanted to remove the polish I was very surprised when I had to go the nail salon and have it removed. I had no idea. Since the polish was removed, my nails have been paper thin catching on everything. I guess my nails will have to grow out completely before. This will stop. I doubt I will get another gm. So sad.

Feb 23, 2011 01:45 pm
 Posted by  beautybets

Suzie - Did you get the OPI/Axxium gel manicure, or Shellac? Because the gel is MUCH harder on nails, and requires them to be scuffed up first. You should be able to remove Shellac yourself with acetone, with no damage to your nails. Hope this helps!

Mar 11, 2011 01:58 pm
 Posted by  babc***k

I remember reading an article about Salons and recommendations on the best salons to get hair extensions, just wondering if I could find that article online? I think it was Dec. 2009 or January 2010?

Jul 1, 2011 04:38 am
 Posted by  ThirtyMom


You can look on this website www.dailyminneapolis.com, they have many kinds of shops that give fabulous discounts.. you can just click the site and click "service". You can see choices from hair extensions to nail polishing. They have also shops that offer massage and spa. Enjoy and have fun!

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