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February 2012


The Smooch! Project

To photographer Bonnie Fournier, every kiss contains a story. Starting in 2006, she's captured thousands of pecks for the Smooch Project, spreading a little love with each one.

Great Escapes

Great Escapes

30 Weekend Getaways for Every Kind of Traveler

The Revolutionaries

The Revolutionaries

Meet 12 Minnesotans who are transforming everything from philanthropy to education, one bright idea at a time.


All Together Now

Editor's Letter: All Together Now

Want a better product or a brighter 2012? The answer, I’m increasingly convinced, lies in working together.

Field Guide

Ripple Effect: Field Guide

First, find Arden Hills on a map. Then read how a Vikings stadium in the St. Paul suburb would stack up against the NFL’s great gridirons.

Beauty Buzz

Trending: Beauty Buzz

Worker B beeswax and honey skin-care products are the bee’s knees

Orange You Glad?

Trending: Orange You Glad?

Color me happy: vivid hues are back

Japanese Jag

Taste: Japanese Jag

Minneapolis’s new Zen Box Izakaya is the Japanese gastropub

Savoring South America

Taste: Savoring South America

Uchu, a real gem waiting to be discovered

Hello, Deli

Taste: Hello, Deli

New Rye in Minneapolis is the most passionately received restaurant in memory

February 2012 Arts Calendar

Stepping Out: February 2012 Arts Calendar

What you need to do, see, and hear this month

Healing Hearts

Scene: Healing Hearts

The Heart and Stroke Gala raises hope and money for children with heart disease

Some Enchanted Evening

Scene: Some Enchanted Evening

Guests dressed like kings and queens raise money for theater education

MN Moments: Bad Romance

Navigating the fine line between passion and pretense

Signature Scents

Finds: Signature Scents

Make a statement without saying a word. The nose knows.

Belles of the Ball

Makeover: Belles of the Ball

These two ladies get the Cinderella treatment

Wurtele Goes to War

Profile: Wurtele Goes to War

The arts matron pits love against World War II in her debut novel

Cheryl Willis

Q&A: Cheryl Willis

On killing a man, being a lady, and channeling Grace Kelly

Great Gastropub

Quick Bite: Great Gastropub

Pig & Fiddle brings great brews to Edina

My Burger

Quick Bite: My Burger

Look out Smash Burger, there’s a new super-style burger chain rising

Fire Kissed

Quick Bite: Fire Kissed

Service and smoke make for something lovely

Best Steak

Quick Bite: Best Steak

Pittsburgh Blue conquers the Galleria

Shine On

Shops: Shine On

Quirky art, gifts, and home décor with a modern, botanical feel come to life in Bryn Mawr

Feeling California

Wine: Feeling California

This year, American wine drinkers are sending their fondest valentines to California Pinot Noir

Sue Z.’s Finds

Sue Z: Sue Z.’s Finds

Sweets for our sweethearts, ginger syrup for scratchy throats, and trout recipes for seasonal bounty!

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