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Twitterview with Frank Soukup, @Grand_ViewLodge

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Twitterview with Frank Soukup, @Grand_ViewLodge

Rise and shine everyone! Today's Twitterview is with Frank Soukup of the @Grand_ViewLodge. Let the journey "Up North" begin!

Frank: Good Morning Joel and MN Monthly followers.

Hello Frank! How are things up in Brainerd this morning?

Frank: Another beautiful day. Received a light coating of snow last night so the trees and buildings have that Great White North feel.

Let's start off talking about some of the history of the lodge. How old is it, and what did it first consist of?

Frank: Grand View's history dates back to 1916 when M.V. Baker began selling parcels of land on Gull Lake. Baker had paid $43 per acre.

Baker sold the lots for $10 per foot. Bringing perspective buyers up north they needed a place to stay so he had a few cabins built.

In 1918, he built the lodge as it still stands to house more buyers. In 1919, the official name of Grand View Lodge was applied

Then in 1937, Brownie Cote purchased the resort from Baker and as of this year, the Cote Family has been a part of GVL for 75 years.

So LOTS of history. Lets first focus on the options people have for lodging. What's available on the property?

Frank: 200+ accommodations which can house around 1000 guests. From new cottages to some classic lake cabins. Something for everyone.

We also have 8 restaurants in the roar of the summer from italian to classic dining with a variety of menu items.

3 championship golf courses which just received the Gold Medal Award from Golf Magazine and Golf Weeks Best Courses to Play in MN.

Our waterpark, 2500' of sandy lakeshore on Gull Lake, a plethora of activities from dogsledding to horseback riding-or just relax.

Not to forget our world renowned Glacial Waters Spa. An incredible spa overlooking tall pines, water and very soothing. A must see.

I've had the brunch in the lodge, and it was awesome! :) How many can your 8 restaurants seat roughly?

Frank: At one given time, with all our restaurants- we can provide dining for over 1000 guests. But of course, we easily do more.

This of course doesn't count for our guests being delivered dining options and cocktails while they bask in the sun on the beach.

Super! With 3 championship golf courses, are there tournaments that go on at them?

Frank: We have many tournaments throughout the year, some for amazing charities, others on challenges like the Ironman & Golf/Fish ProAm

You can view all the tournies for The Pines, The Preserve and Deacon's Lodge at our website.

Nice. In regards to the Glacial Waters Spa. What kinds of services are offered there, and is it for guests only?

Frank: Our spa & restaurants are open to the public. Its just more fun to walk from your cabin w/ fireplace with a glass of wine to do it.

Or spa hosts a variety of massages, hydrotherapy, ashiatsu, soaks, body and facial treatments, manicures and pedis.

Wonderful! Looking ahead, what are some new things people can expect to see this year and in the future?

Frank: In golf, we have a refurbished 9 holes at the Pines referred as the Lakes. They have new tee boxes, rock walls capturing the area.

Dining, we have the refurbished Lodge Dining Room featuring traditional meets comfort foods with our Chef Manders flair.

Plus some new toys & comforts around the beach. One of the main reasons people come up is to relax & its only a couple hours away.

Not too mention more yoga classes, healthier living excercises, paddleboards... we are always trying to reinvent ourselves.

Any specials or deals people should be aware of for this season?

Frank: Check out our Grand Offers or Last Minute Vacancy pages for a variety of packages and special pricing found at grandviewlodge.com

Thanks for the info! Thanks Frank for your time and may you and the lodge and the staff have a great year!

Frank: Thank you @JoelECarlson and @MNMOmag for all that you do. We love your work and look forward to every issue and twitterview.

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