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Twitterview with Emily Engberg, @emilyengberg

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Twitterview with Emily Engberg, @emilyengberg

Hello everyone and @emilyengberg! Today were going to learn about Emily and her work with @TwinCities_Live. Let's begin!

Emily: Hello! @JoelECarlson Thanks for having me!!!

Tell us a little bit about your background to start off with. Where did you grow up and what did you enjoy doing?

Emily: My hometown of Burlington, IA is a historic town right on the Mississippi River. Lots of time spent on the river.

Loved going to watch the @BurlingtonBees, the minor league baseball team.That's why I love the @StPaulSaints so much!

Fun fact:My hometown is also known for having the crookedest street in the world.Lombard in San Fran is the curviest

Sounds like a fun time!  So when did you decide to get into TV, and how did you get started?

Emily: I've always known I would work in TV. Have loved it since I was a kid.

I used to convince my classmates to do projects with a TV theme...usually with me anchoring. :)

Even had a "talk show" in middle school during home room called "Yak it up with Emily".

Went to @ASU's Walter Cronkite School and took internships in TV and radio. Got lots of hands on experience.

Then, moved to small market and did every job. Awesome experience that teaches you a lot about yourself and the biz.

Good to know early what you want to do. How did you get started after schooling and when did you start at @kstp?

Emily: I have a news background. After AZ, worked in IA, IL, WI and have now been here for 3 years. Loving lifestyle tv!

Hard to believe it has been 3 years at @twincities_live. Love coming to work! Never know what I'll be up to!

Did you connect well right off the bat with @elizabethries and the now departed, John Hanson? #GoodChemistry

Emily: Thank you! @elizabethries and I got along really well right away. Same thing with John. We really are buddies.

We have a hard working group of folks that work on the show and it's a bonus that we enjoy each other's company!

I bet it was hard for you and @elizabethries to say #GoodBye to John. Now you'll get to make a new friend/co-host. :)

Emily: It was tough to see John go, but @elizabethries and I are happy for him. The search continues for the new co-host!

The new host will have big shoes to fill, but we are excited about what's to come. Change can be good.

With all of the stunts/traveling that you've done for @TwinCities_Live, what have been some of your recent favorites?

Emily: I have had so many amazing experiences on @twincities_live. I get to try some crazy things.

I've hidden in trash cans, dangled from the @GuthrieTheater's stage, been a goalie for the @Minnesota_Swarm...

I've even had knives thrown at me! The list is endless. Scary sometimes, but always memorable.

But I have to say my favorite is meeting all sorts of people in MN. They are so sweet.

The traveling isn't bad either. Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, Bahamas and Wine Country in May with TCL fans! I'm grateful.

Your personality makes all of it fun to watch. :) When you're not on TV, what do you like doing in the #TwinCities?

Emily: Thank you! I laugh a lot. It's a great gig.

When I'm not working, I love to check out all the great restaurants the cities have to offer.

You can usually find me at a concert or sporting event. We have so much to do here! Never boring.

Are you a crafty, cook or sports minded person?

Emily: Love sports. Definitely not crafty and you don't want me to cook. But I'm a lot of fun!!!! :)

Thank you so much for your time today! Have fun on @TwinCities_Live, and keep up the good work! :)

Emily: Thank you!!! Always a pleasure!!! Be sure to watch @twincities_live at 3! Have a great day.

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