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Twitterview with Katie Holley, @RestoreHealing

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Twitterview with Katie Holley, @RestoreHealing

Welcome everybody and welcome Katie Holley of @RestoreHealing for today's @MNMOmag Twitterview. Let's get things rolling!

Katie: Hi Joel! Happy to be here in virtual land.

Tell us a little about yourself Katie. What's your role so that we understand your perspective?

Kaite: I'm the marketing & social media director for Restore

- an online community who supports conscious living in the TCs.

Okay good. So explain then what kinds of things are offered.  Are they from you or partnered companies?

Katie: Restore is a resource guide. We promote our members - the best in local health and wellness businesses.  restorehealing.com

We do that with consistent education through social media, blogging, weekly deals, events - offerings vary from...

acupuncture, organic facials/haircare/beauty, ayurvedic massages, eco-friendly apparel, chiropractic - the best local

That's awesome! So share some of the history. When did it start and why was it deemed important to start?

Katie: Restore began as a holistic event, our founder, Pam LaBelle, saw there was a need to build a bridge from the general..

...public to credible, high integrity health and wellness practitioners and businesses in the Twin Cities.

With her Masters in Holistic Health from St. Kates, her passion was to increase exposure to the best of the best.

The event tripled in size and has evolved into a consistent online community - that's when I became involved- to help be a voice

I love the immediacy of social media. I also really enjoy being able to connect our members to their target markets.

What would you say are the TOP 5 services/products that you feature to your community?

Katie: It's difficult to give a top 5 - since we have almost 80 FABULOUS members

...but, we are a feature in itself...

We offer a vetted community to the general public.

People can be hesitant to try new healing modalities. That's why..

Restore features quality products and services right in the Twin Cities' backyard.

Online research is the 1st step...

for most people when it comes to healthcare.

Our space provides experiential opportunities and education through...

our quality weekly deals, blogs/vlogs, resources http://bit.ly/SH3qWS , and offline events. http://restorehealing.com

To someone new to your community that wants to start slowly, how do you recommend they begin?

Katie: Visit us online, follow us here, Like us on FB https://www.facebook.com/restorehealing , and check out our Weekly Deals - IN FACT...

...we have a promo just for your viewers. Get $10 off your first Weekly Deal http://www.restorehealing.com/deals.html  code: joelcarlson

Good through 12/31/13! Get an organic facial, massage, acupuncture, etc. Or buy eco apparel, green products and more!

To see some of the great work our members are doing, check out @hammsevent, @chowgirls Valentine's event,

Free yoga at @sparkwellnessmn this Sat, plus our pop up Restore events throughout the year. @JGrunewaldHNC telesummit!

Joel: Nice! :) Thanks Katie and Pam for helping create a healthy environment for Minnesotans! Enjoy yourday!

Katie: SUCH a pleasure! We love TCs and staying connected to people like you - thanks for taking SM to the next level!

Thanks @MNMOmag for the opportunity to connect online with you today. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!! -Katie & Pam

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