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January 2008


Well Above Average

Well Above Average

One man’s immodest, chest-pounding, vainglorious quest to find the ultimate Minnesota status symbol

River Lost

River Lost

Along the St. Croix River, the talk is about Rob Hubbard's proposal to build a 10,000-square-foot house. But that fight is merely one battle in a larger war. Forty years after it was designated for...

Who Makes What

Who Makes What

Minnesota Monthly’s 2008 Salary Survey

5th Annual Uncommon Loon Awards

5th Annual Uncommon Loon Awards

A look back at the loonatics of 2007

Let Them Eat Steak

Let Them Eat Steak

A local restaurant powerhouse serves fillets in the suburbs


The Agenda

Stepping Out: The Agenda

Art, music, dance & more—your best bets for January

Movie Madness II

Arts: Movie Madness II

Minnesota’s movie industry is booming once again—but that may not be a good thing

Object of Desire

The Look: Object of Desire

A pen that makes a statement

Papered, Together

The Look: Papered, Together

Love letters from the owners of Uptown’s Letterbox

The Look: Note to Self

This year, write more letters and send more thank yous. Your thoughtfulness will shine on these papers.

January 2008 Retail News

The Look: January 2008 Retail News

The latest products, store opening, beauty buzz and more

January 2008 Letters to the Editor

Mail-Archived: January 2008 Letters to the Editor

Mail from the last issue of Minnesota Monthly.

My Not-So Big Fat Wedding

Talk: My Not-So Big Fat Wedding

Battling the marriage industrial complex


Talk: Media

Books and music reviews

Puck Soup

Talk: Puck Soup

Pond hockey, saving Minneapolis architectural icons, Ernie Nevers, trendy workouts, and more


Counter Culture: Ink

Barry Rubin's chic pens at Ink

Buster’s on 28th

Quick Bite: Buster’s on 28th

A south Minneapolis eatery redefines the neighborhood hangout


Quick Bite: Sanctuary

A restaurateur’s comeback offers refuge from the ordinary

On the River

Foreword: On the River

A visit to my hometown