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January 2012


The 2011 Uncommon Loon Awards

The 2011 Uncommon Loon Awards

2011 was pretty entertaining. Here, we look back at the mascot-mauling, candidate-crushing, Kardashian-dumping year that was.

2012 Salary Survey: Who Makes What

2012 Salary Survey: Who Makes What

Ever wonder how your paycheck compared to your barista's? Or our mayor's? We channeled our inner IRS agent to find out for you. Happy snooping.

The Refusers

The Refusers

Getting vaccinated used to be an undisputed part of growing up. Now, a group of skeptics are fighting to change that norm—with dangerous consequences


What’s Your Worth?

Editor's Letter: What’s Your Worth?

Salaries are just one measure of a person, like Jeno Paulucci's fortune

Let it Snow

True North: Let it Snow

An abundance of hills, trails, and local hotspots make the Iron Range an unassuming winter wonderland.

The Agenda

Stepping Out: The Agenda

What you need to do, see, and hear this month

Kicking Cancer

Scene: Kicking Cancer

The 31st annual Children’s Cancer Research Fund Dawn of a Dream event seeks to find a cure to childhood cancer

MN Moments: Annual Review

2011 was a year of ups and downs, triumph and heartbreak, masterpieces and missed opportunities. Or so I’ve heard.

Arts: The Costume King

A web exclusive selection of Jack Edwards' original costume sketches for the Guthrie Theater, Children’s Theatre Company, the Dayton’s holiday shows, and the Banff Ballet Centre

Eye of the Tiger

Expert: Eye of the Tiger

For Stacie Clark, it’s all about the thrill of the fitness fight, and she can’t wait to kick your butt into shape.

New Year, New Muse

Muse: New Year, New Muse

Change, besides being inevitable, can actually be fun

Dyed in the Wool

Muse: Dyed in the Wool

Why the revival of a Minnesota heritage brand makes us feel all warm and fuzzy

Code Red

Muse: Code Red

It’s the new year—and this working mom is ready to greet 2012 with a new look.

Let’s Get Physical

Muse: Let’s Get Physical

The Firm celebrates 26 years with a hot new location

Ring Leaders

Omnivore: Ring Leaders

The Twin Cities are in a full-fledged donut frenzy. Are you on board?

Big Buck Burritos

Omnivore: Big Buck Burritos

Upscale Rosa Mexicano arrives, dazzling lucky, envied expense-account holders

Value Driven

Omnivore: Value Driven

Morgan’s in the Park, a welcome addition to the northern suburban restaurant scene.

Block Buster

Profile: Block Buster

70 minutes with the St. Paul Winter Carnival’s current ice-carving champ

Get on the Bus

Profile: Get on the Bus

In St. Paul’s vast and diverse school district, Valeria Silva, a Chilean- immigrant-turned superintendent, is making major changes

Dressing Minnesota

Profile: Dressing Minnesota

Jack Edwards looks back on a life in costuming and couture

Banded Together

Q&A: Banded Together

Sibling rockers Lynhurst on their new album—and why they won’t be Oasis

Mr. Minnesota Signs Off

Q&A: Mr. Minnesota Signs Off

After 46 years on the air, MPR’s Gary Eichten is signing off.

Dixie Blue BBQ

Quick Bite: Dixie Blue BBQ

Brisket, ribs, and more

Little Szechuan

Quick Bite: Little Szechuan

Chinese goes glam

Amsterdam Bar and Hall

Quick Bite: Amsterdam Bar and Hall

Dim and Dutch—is this what downtown St. Paul needed?

Modern Family

Shops: Modern Family

The North Loop neighborhood welcomes the new Daytons

Tiny Bubbles

Wine: Tiny Bubbles

Champagne has long been the wine of the New Year

Sue Z.’s Finds

Sue Z: Sue Z.’s Finds

Additive-free flavors; organic, whole-grain, gluten-free Cooqi mixes; all-natural honey and more!

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College Prep 101

The Go-To Guide 2012

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