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Twitterview with Stacie Clark, @TigerAthletics

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Twitterview with Stacie Clark, @TigerAthletics

Photo by David J. Turner

Hello everyone! Welcome to today's @MNMOmag Twitterview with Stacie Clark of @TigerAthletics. Lets get running!

Tell us a little bit about yourself Stacie. Where did you grow up and go to school?

Stacie: I went to college at Indiana University in Bloomington Indiana. But I call Minnesota "home":)

I see. So when did you decide that you wanted to get into the training/workout business?

Stacie: I've always been athletically inclined...loved sports and anything that had to do with working out.

So after college, I became certified and started training on the side and doing group classes, races,

I ended up having such a passion for it and life itself, I mean it is a "lifestyle"..that I decided

to do this full-time with my husband Chris Clark...LOVE IT!

So Tiger was born in 2005

That's great to be able to share your passion with your husband! Did it take some courage to start your own Co?

Stacie: ABSOLUTELY! A lot of hard work and passion...it's a journey, but one well worth being traveled.

What was your original business plan as to what services you'd offer to the public?

Stacie: The 1st biz plan was to originally offer classes and training for youth athletes ages 6-15yrs.

We have since expanded to over 20 youth/adult weekly class offering; summer FIT camps;

Mexico FIT adventures, private coaching, team coaching/training and more! You can now find us all over

the Twin Cities metro:) We are mobile so it's generally easy to find us at one of our locations.

What would you say drives your passion to help people get or stay fit? Is mental coaching involved in what you do?

Stacie: What drives my passion is seeing the joy of everyone's success and seeing them move thru space...

so that's a wide client base...but such a niche. It involves passion on our end just as much as the

physical ability and mental coaching aspect to motivate the audience we have.

If someone is thinking about starting on an exercise regiment for the 1st time. What do you recommend to start with?

Stacie: From there, most people generally lack a cardio base/foundation and core training....so it's our job

to assess and write a program that is realistic for them to handle and achieve with success. I always

like giving my clients "homework" to do on their own too. When they don't do it, I know it...:)

More about you. Your FAVORITE: Place to run, restaurant, store, athletic gear, hobby other than exercise.

Stacie: FAV places to run r: Mexico on beach & French Park in Plymouth...miles of trails. So beach + trails.

FAV restaurant: Kobe sushi Plymouth;my husband's laughing b/c he says I need to say "Texas Roadhouse!"

FAV store: LOVE shopping in NY..fav is Zara, H&M, Barneys Coop...in my past life I was the

Fashion Director for Marshall Fields-turned-Macys..so I love Fashion. For me,what I wear has to be

functional as well...it's my everyday outfit. I shop at Lululemon;looking cute is part of the job too!

Can you explain what MEXICO Fit is about and what you're launching today?

Stacie: Mexico FIT is a group trip we organize 2xs/yr; Feb and Nov. The great thing @ the trip is it makes you

want to train in advance and excel while your there. We train 2-3 hrs/day. You get results in just

4-5 days...then the last day we do an Adventure FIT race. U go beyond what u think u can do. Today we

we are launching 20+ classes geared towards youth & adult hi-energy fun, but result-oriented.

Sure to make u sweat! Classes are $20 single or class packs of 5,10, 20 for discounted px's. Would love

to see you all come out & give us a try. Find us: Planet Spirit,Hot MamaEdina, MiniHops, Balanced Barre

Sounds like training for women since they are at womens stores? Anything going on this summer?

Stacie: It's training for men&women..only Hot Mama is a female store. YES! Summer FIT camp. Kids ages 4-18 train w/Chris

and the adults (moms,dads, nannies,athletes) train with ME! Think hurdles, strength bags, pushups, dirt

hills, weights, sandbags and more! SO FUN! Most importantly the kids and adults train simultaneously

Thanks for sharing today Stacie some of your work and passions on #MNMOtv! Have a great week and keep up the good work!

Stacie: on the field. Summer Camp starts June 12th! Thank you and hope to see you!

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