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Twitterview with Mandy, @IvySpaClub

Wednesday, January 9, 2012

Twitterview with Mandy, @IvySpaClub

Good morning! Today's Twitterview is with Mandy of the @IvySpaClub. Looking forward to talking to her about health & fitness.

Mandy: I'm excited to chat with you!

To start Mandy, when did the Ivy Spa first open its doors to the public, and how big is it space wise?

Mandy: Ivy Spa Club, along with Ivy Fitness Club, opened in February of 2008. We live on the entire 2nd fl of the Hotel Ivy.

So, in total we are 17,000 square feet.

That's a good sized space! What was the goal/focus of the spa so that it would stand out from other spas in the area?

Mandy: Downtown Mpls didn't have a real destination spa. The owners wanted a luxury hotel setting.

Ivy Spa Club also is the largest, full-service spa. We have a large relaxation area and a wealth of spa amenities.

It's truly a getaway in the middle of the city

In having a spa & fitness club together, a lot of good healthy work can be done there. What spa services do you offer?

Mandy: We have 90+ services with inspirations from all over the world. We use some of the finest facial and body products.

These services include massages, body treatments & scrubs, nail services, hair services, makeup & airbrush tanning.

Have you ever experienced any for yourself, Joel? If not, you must visit asap! Everyone deserves a little pampering.

I should mention we also have specialty treatments for expecting mothers, new mothers, people w/sensitive skin, etc.

Yes, everyone does! Some men though are squeamish about spas. Do you have any male specific treatments?

Mandy: Ha! Yes, we know there may be a stigma out there, but we actually have quite the male following.

Some of our male-focused services include: men's maintenance manicure, deep tissue and sports massages, haircuts, etc.

We also have a Gentleman's Fitness Facial and carry a lot of fabulous products for men's skin and hair care.

We love to see men enjoying pedicures and other spa services as well! We're all human and must care for ourselves.

Nice! In addition to spa services, there are also some Ivy branded products. Can you share what some of them are?

Mandy: Our Ivy Signature line includes body lotion, bath gel, shampoo, conditioner, bath salts, massage oil and more.

They come in a variety of sizes from 1.5 oz to 32 oz. And they smell divine!

I'll have to get a travel pack in the mail to you!

Fun! :) In addition to the spa, there is also a fitness club. Is it just an "open" gym or are trainers also available?

Mandy: We have a team of really experienced trainers. Jacob, for instance, was in the Army and knows how to make you sweat!

He's helped transform bodies like you don't normally see. Along with him, we have other trainers.

They have exp. with different body types and any restrictions people may have. We also pride ourselves on our classes.

We have Barre classes, lunchtime yoga, & cardio/boot camp classes, etc. They are usually small for a better workout.

With it being the beginning of the new year, are there any special deals that the Ivy Fitness Club is offering?

Mandy: Oh, yes! For those who join now, we are giving 300 Ivy dollars, good for spa, salon and fitness services.

For anyone within a company that is close to us, we also offer corporate discounts. Contact @kalsorie for more info!

Kristin is our fitness mgr! 612-353-3579 or kristins@ivyspaclub.com.

Share with those unfamiliar with your location, what your address is and what your hours of operation are.

Mandy: We're on the 2nd floor of Hotel Ivy on 2nd Ave and 11th Street S. Close to the Convention Center. 201 11th Street S

Ivy Spa is open 9 am - 8 pm Mon-Sat and 9 am - 7 pm Sun. Ivy Fitness is open 6 am - 8 pm Mon-Sat and 9 am - 7 pm Sun.

Some get nervous about parking. We offer valet parking (comp w/some services) and there are ramps or street pkg.

We're also skyway connected. Stay warm!!

That's great Mandy. Thanks for taking time today to share what the spa and fitness club has to offer on #MNMOtv!

Mandy: Absolutely! This was fun! Let me know if you want to visit for a getaway in the city. Thanks Joel!

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