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July 2010


Running Man

Running Man

Mark Dayton has a thick wallet and the biggest name in Minnesota’s race for governor. The only question is why he's spending his days and remaining fortune running.

What It Feels Like...

What It Feels Like...

We asked a few exceptional Minnesotans to share their stories about doing daring, unusual, and—some might say—foolhardy feats. You may never do any of these things, but now you'll know exactly...

Best Barbecue

Best Barbecue

Think Minnesota doesn’t have national-class barbecue? Think again. There is shockingly good barbecue all over Minnesota, if you only know where to eat. And we do.


Enough About Me

Editor's Letter: Enough About Me

Viso's Visions

Ripple Effect: Viso's Visions

The Walker chief unveils a haunting new show—and the museum’s new attitude

Alexandria’s Chain of Lakes

True North: Alexandria’s Chain of Lakes

The boaters’ paradise made for spending a weekend—or a week—on the water.

July 2010 Arts Calendar

Stepping Out: July 2010 Arts Calendar

Your guide to going out this month

July 2010 Party Pics

Scene: July 2010 Party Pics

Open Arms of Minnesota's Moveable Feast Gala

MN Moments: Remembering Smell

A life devoid of smell lacks more than odor.

Picture Perfect

Expert: Picture Perfect

Photographer Liz Banfield offers her advice on getting the best wedding shots for your budget

On the Road

Finds: On the Road

Sparkling lakes, relentless UV rays, endless horizons: It’s road-trip time.

Heat Wave

Muse: Heat Wave

As the mercury rises, so should color intensity. Pair spring’s neutrals with bright accessories for fresh summer stunners.

Kids Are Eaters Too!

Omnivore: Kids Are Eaters Too!

Experts say spending time together at the table is crucial for happy families—but only we dare to tell you where you and your kids will find kids’ meals worth eating.

Mad Scientist Meets Cupcake

Omnivore: Mad Scientist Meets Cupcake

Cake Eater Bakery and Café, with its cakes of mind-blowing flavors, rises above all the stellar cupcake offerings in the Twin Cities

Business in Bloom

Shops: Business in Bloom

Everything is coming up roses in south Minneapolis

Tiny Bubbles

Wine: Tiny Bubbles

Pétillant, frizzanté, crémant, spumante—not all bubbles in wine are Champagne or Prosecco!

Sue Z.'s Finds

Sue Z: Sue Z.'s Finds

Signs of summer, cupcakes, and more

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