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Running Man

Mark Dayton has a thick wallet and the biggest name in Minnesota’s race for governor. The only question is why—10 years after he last ran for office, four since he fled Washington after a miserable single Senate term—the department-store scion is spending his days and remaining fortune running at all. We hit the campaign trail to find out.

Running Man
Photo by Jonathan Chapman

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Aug 27, 2010 02:06 am
 Posted by  safeness

Dayton should focus on safe financial systems

"Dayton outlined tax fairness, additional revenue sources and spending reductions in his plan to balance the state budget," explained Theron, who is set to deliver an address at the 28th annual International System Safety Conference in Minneapolis.
"While these measures will go a long way in balancing the state budget, it won't be enough to set Dayton apart from his predecessors. Most people don't realise that financial systems have inherent safety risks that affect competitiveness. Should Dayton be appointed Governor of Minnesota, safer financial systems must enjoy just as much attention as his other strategies," Theron said.
"Elements like a lack of public system financial adaptability and a deviation from the standard 10% savings by public finance systems have a major impact on the financial wellbeing of a state. By implementing safer financial systems, these elements can be greatly reduced, and eventually eliminated," said he.
Theron will deliver a paper on reconstructing safety and the relative position of systems at the ISSC 2010 conference in September. The paper proposes managerial solutions to human safety deterioration, based on the principles of the System Safety Society.
"The Safeness Ideology is a sustainable, dynamic, semiotic approach to safety systems and the importance thereof on business and politics. It focuses on the basic human need for physical safety, as well as the more abstract but equally essential need for safeness. To measure safeness, one must consider security safety, health safety and system safety which focuses on the safe manageme

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