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Cosmetic Transformations

Cosmetic Transformations

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Have you ever done a double-take after realizing that the reflection you just saw was YOU? When you look in the mirror, are you constantly pulling your skin tight or covering problem areas in an effort to see what you would look like without those deep lines, wrinkles, age spots, excess skin? Are you embarrassed to show your teeth when you smile?

Whether you’re self-conscious about a scar from an accident, you want to look as good as you feel (maybe for that big reunion, wedding, or milestone birthday), you’re done having babies and the time is right, or you want to look fresher (and less tired) to customers, co-workers and bosses, odds are there is a surgical option or noninvasive cosmetic procedure that is right for you and your situation.



According to an American Society of Plastic Surgeons survey, many U.S. men and women consider cosmetic surgery a strategy to maintain (or gain) an edge in a competitive workplace.

“Many patients maintain a good lifestyle and want [their looks] to fully reflect a youthful appearance,” says Dr. Sam Economou of Plastic Surgery Consultants in Edina.

A more youthful look not only keeps patients from looking like “the old person in the office,” it can also boost their self-confidence, he says.

Dr. Charles E. Crutchfield III, clinical professor of dermatology at the University of Minnesota Medical School and medical director of Crutchfield Dermatology in Eagan, agrees that more people are seeking cosmetic procedures as a way of staying competitive in their professional fields.

“I’ve provided care to actors and actresses who want to expand the range of parts they can play, and I have treated trial attorneys who want to look calm and under control while delivering closing arguments,” Dr. Crutchfield says.  

The modern landscape at work is changing, not only in terms of who is competing for jobs, but also in terms of technology. The digital age of videoconferencing and online dating, for example, has resulted in more chin augmentations and facial cosmetic surgeries.  

No matter what the reason is for having a procedure done, there is a common thread across patients of all ages. “After they see results, nearly every person says they wish they had done it sooner,” says Dr. Crutchfield.


New technology, better products, minimally invasive procedures, and affordability have made the field of cosmetic transformations more popular than ever before.

Don’t like your smile? You can have a total smile makeover. Don’t like your wrinkled upper lip? There’s a filler for that. Don’t like your droopy eyelids? Turn back the hands of time with a brow lift.

The latest advancements in the field of dermatology include non-invasive fat reducing lasers, tissue tightening lasers, a new laser for tattoo removal, and an exciting new cosmeceutical treatment—NeoStrata Line Lift—adding volume to deep lines in the skin by helping activate collagen and hyaluronic acid, our skin’s natural fillers, says board-certified dermatologist Dr. M. Elizabeth Briden, medical director and CEO of Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Inst. PA in Edina.

Dr. Briden, who opened her own dermatology clinic in 1997 after 12 years in private practice, specializes in skin rejuvenation, medical and cosmetic dermatology, and dermatologic surgery.

“Our most popular cosmetic procedures for both men and women are Botox and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) laser treatment for blood vessels and age spots,” she says, adding that women are also regularly making appointments for chemical peels and fillers (like Juvederm).

The gentle, nonablative treatment of IPL, also referred to as photorejuvenation treatment, employs a broad spectrum of light (as opposed to a single wavelength emitted by lasers) to treat sun-damaged skin on the face, neck, chest, and hands and reduce the appearance of blood vessels, age spots, acne, scars, stretch marks, and discoloration. The end result is improved skin tone, texture, and color.

Popular procedures at Refine Dermatique Skin and Laser Center in Sartell include CoolSculpting body contouring for men; and Botox, skin tightening, and CoolSculpting for women.

“With the development of new technology, patients can reduce stubborn areas of fat with devices that freeze and heat the fat,” says Dr. Barry LaBine of Refine Dermatique. “It is remarkable that there is no anesthesia, and no downtime.”


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