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The Ultimate MN Bucket List

The Ultimate MN Bucket List

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78. Find the St. Paul Winter Carnival medallion. • winter-carnival.com

79. Enter your baked goods in the Minnesota State Fair. • mnstatefair.org

80. Buy a cabin.

81. Get Garrison Keillor to blurb your novel.

82. Have Dessa sing “Happy Birthday” to you. (Sorry, we can’t facilitate.)

83. Play in a curling match. • Find everything you need to know, starting with what those brooms are for, at twincitiescurling.org.

84. Play one-on-one against homegrown Lynx star Lindsay Whalen.

85. Swim with the sharks in the SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium at the Mall of America. (You just need to be SCUBA-certified and unafraid of sharks.) • visitsealife.com/minnesota

86. Invent an Ole and Lena joke.

87. Do the polar plunge. And no, not alone—you want credit, don’t you? Do it for a good cause (Special Olympics Minnesota). • plungemn.org.

88. Get mentioned in C.J.’s Star Tribune column. (See sidebar.)

89. Ghost-write Michele Bachmann’s next memoir.

90. Run off the end of your dock on Memorial Day (no sticking your toe in first).

91. Enter the Walker Art Center’s Internet Cat Video Festival. • walkerart.org/catvidfest

92. Be the butt of an Al Franken joke. (See page 56.)

93. Stargaze while lying on a pontoon in the middle of a lake.

94. Find the Ruby Slippers. Yes, the pair stolen from the Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids in 2005, insured for a million dollars, are still at large. A search warrant served on a San Diego collector in 2011 turned up some mysterious ruby slippers, just not the stolen ones.

95. Have the DIY Network’s Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis remodel your home (and that doesn’t mean just add a man cave). • diynetwork.com/nicole-curtis

96. Learn how to drop a ski on Lake Pepin, the birthplace of the sport. • lakecity.org/waterskidays.html

97. Flood your backyard in winter and skate on it. Here’s a how-to: mybackyardicerink.com.

98. Plant a University of Minnesota–developed Honeycrisp apple tree in your backyard. You’ll need at least two, assuming you actually want apples. • Find a nursery at apples.umn.edu/comm_license/nurseries

99. Take in the St. Croix River’s gorgeous vistas from a hot-air balloon. • aamodtsballoons.com

100. Build your own casket at the North House Folk School. It’s the most popular class at the Grand Marais center for practical skills and about as pragmatic and self-sufficient as, well, Minnesotans. • northhouse.org

101. Reserve your eternal resting place at Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis, home to Hubert Humphrey, Paul Wellstone, Carl Pohlad, the Daytons, the Pillsburys, and, perhaps...you? Plots available. • lakewoodcemetery.com

WHAT IT’S LIKE: To appear in C.J.’s column

By Tim Gihring

You’re never surprised to appear in C.J.’s Star Tribune column. Not because of the flagrancy of what you’ve done, but because of what C.J. does just before she hangs out your laundry: she calls you. “Hi, this is C.J.,” she says, and then she does the last thing you’d expect from a gossip. She tells you exactly what she’s about to print. She’s old-fashioned that way. She lets you know not just when she’s going to pull down your shorts, but how. It’s so upfront, so not behind your back—like she’s simply double-checking the announcement you want to place in the church bulletin—that you roll with it. We’re Minnesotans, after all, and figure that if someone is going through this much trouble to question our judgment, we probably deserve it. It can be galvanizing. I’ve made three appearances in C.J.’s column, and each time I’ve felt my ego be stripped away like old paint; pretense eviscerated. What grows back is new, thicker skin.

Keri Noble’s MN Bucket List

1.  I’ve never been to Valleyfair. What? How have I lived in Minnesota for 12 years and never been?

2.  The Guthrie offers acting classes. I used to be in theater in high school, and the Guthrie seems like a pretty perfect place to jump back in.

3.  Skydiving—if I think about it too long, I get super nervous. But there’s a great place called Westside Skydivers, based in Winsted, and if I decide I’m going to do it,  I’d probably do it there.

4.  I don’t know why I want to take an improv class, but I do, and it’ll be at the Brave New Workshop.

5.  If you can’t beat winter, join it, right? Well, snowshoeing (is that even how you say it?) looks like the perfect winter activity, and I’ve heard it’s a good workout.

6.  The Twin Cities PedalPub. It looks totally stupid. Which is why, at some point, I really need to do it.

7.  I’ve also never really been to the Minnesota Zoo. I’ve performed there, I’ve watched movies there, but I’ve never spent an afternoon hanging with the animals. Time to change that.

8.  I’d love to hike and maybe canoe the Boundary Waters. I just can’t get with the whole camping part. Are there hotels nearby?

9.  Going up in a hot-air balloon seems like a perfectly romantic thing to do, if you pick the right day.

10.  I haven’t visited any wineries in Minnesota, which, if you know me, would seem kind of surprising.

Keri Noble is a singer, a songwriter, a piano player, and co-host of the Cities 97 Morning Show.

What's on your bucket list? We'd love to hear at MNMO.com/BucketList.


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