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June 2010




The drug scene has changed over the past generation: A new lineup of drugs and technology makes them easier to get than ever—but many parents don’t want to admit it.

Chic Summer Soirees

Chic Summer Soirees

A summer night is the perfect backdrop for throwing a sweet, simple party. Remember three main ingredients—the Mood, the food, and the drink—and don’t get fussy. Take our tips to relax,...

Ultimate Up North Guide

Ultimate Up North Guide

Drivable destinations from Bayfield to Bemidji: Find the best places to stay, sights to see, and food to eat. Plus, where to find award-winning golf courses, Minnesota’s top beaches, wilderness...


Bearded Lady

Editor's Letter: Bearded Lady

The editor’s profession is not without occupational hazards.

Dirty Dancing

Ripple Effect: Dirty Dancing

New Moves

Ripple Effect: New Moves

Penelope Freeh and Megan Mayer on tutus, taboos, and what to call their upcoming dance works at the Southern Theater

Guise and Dolls

Ripple Effect: Guise and Dolls

Sarah Agnew brings a classic domestic drama into the 21st century

June 2010 Arts Calendar

Stepping Out: June 2010 Arts Calendar

Your guide to going out this month

Books For Africa Fundraising Luncheon

Scene: Books For Africa Fundraising Luncheon

Books For Africa was honored to welcome His Excellency Daniel Ohene Agyekum, Ghana’s Ambassador to the United States, as the keynote speaker at the annual BFA fundraising luncheon on April 28,...

June 2010 Party Pics

Scene: June 2010 Party Pics

Voltage: Fashion Amplified showcased the best in local design and rock ‘n’ roll; VocalEssence threw a fundraising fiesta for its community engagement programs; United Way Best of Awards on...

Wardrobe Wizard

Expert: Wardrobe Wizard

StyledLook creates new outfits from your old clothes

Father's Day Fete

Finds: Father's Day Fete

Honor thy fathers by putting a modern, playful twist on classic Father’s Day gifts.

Set Sail

Muse: Set Sail

Prepare for lido-deck sunning with sailor-inspired beachwear and accessories

Market Driven

Omnivore: Market Driven

Hard knocks have taught Thom Pham what Minnesota diners want—and don’t. But the struggle was worth it, as A25’s menu proves.

Basic Goodness

Omnivore: Basic Goodness

A fine Caesar, crisp-crust pizza, and tender mussels. Amici Pizza and Bistro delivers on the essentials of solid food.

Short Listed

Omnivore: Short Listed

Terra Waconia is charming. Imperfect. Ever-changing.

C'est Chic

Shops: C'est Chic

Pretend you’re strolling the Ile Saint-Louis while browsing North Loop’s latest addition

Oak-Free Chardonnay

Wine: Oak-Free Chardonnay

Foodie Finds

Sue Z: Foodie Finds

June is busting out with fun new foods.

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